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Brittany Singh Williams living her best life

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM

"Strong truths, well lived" - Loyola University of Maryland motto and favourite quote of its graduate Brittany Singh Williams who encourages youths to live a life that allows them to be true to themselves - true to what and who they are called to be; a life well lived.

Singh Williams has a few titles attached to her name - founder of SPARK Education; adviser to the minister of state in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information; executive director of the C.B. Facey Foundation; and curator of Global Shapers Kingston Hub. She has a passion for children and education, one that was hinted at during her childhood as she chose to teach her dolls or gathering the neighbourhood children to complete her versions of extra lessons through different activities. But it was not until the Loyola University of Maryland that this dream really took shape.

A Jesuit school said to be grounded in social justice, it was here that Singh Williams found herself exploring various subject areas and found herself in an education class. It was as if the class chose her. She found her purpose. Going on to Bangkok, Thailand, to teach English she was assigned to teach social studies/civics instead. This became a whole other experience entirely as while she taught students, she herself became a student of life and culture - gathering new perspective on life itself.

"For me, teaching in Thailand was less about the teaching aspect, but the learning about who we are meant to be as people and how lessons learnt in civics influences how we live in our own native land," she told Flair.

Thailand influenced her palate as well, as she thoroughly enjoys Thai food. If not readily available, her go-to is Singapore Chicken from Tamarind Indian Cuisine.

A Global Shaper (an affiliated youth organisation of the World Economic Forum) for four years, she got the opportunity to work with other youths with the common interest of developing their local communities. She also worked at developing her own brainchild - SPARK.

"My intention is to operate various programmes that offer personalised learning solutions that capitalise on the strengths and interests of its students while developing 21st-century skills," Singh Williams said.

Motivated by faith, she said it is God who keeps her on course with His signs and wonders. Singh Williams keeps focused on the fact that she is living a life bigger than herself. As a wife and now soon-to-be mother, she holds her family dear to her heart as most of her downtime is spent with family.

"As a matter of fact, what relaxes me most is going to our family home in May Pen and just taking the weekend to be in each other's space; in a space of gratitude for the moments we have together," she told Flair.

She prays that her son will live a life full of purpose. She strongly believes that every child, not only her own, should have the opportunity to discover their purpose, so she aims to raise a confident king who knows who he is.