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Dania Beckford - A successful full-figured queen

Published:Wednesday | February 28, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

While being motivated by life is a vague concept for many, for designer Daynia Beckford, it's a driving force.

"My mother always says, 'Once there is life, there is hope', and going through this life, sometimes you will feel helpless. But I consider myself a life junkie. I am always waiting for the high of the next great experience that I will go through," Beckford boldly declared.

It took more than a dream for Beckford to gain her triumph. It began years ago with a bold, brash, and confident nine-year-old Beckford giving pep talks to people her senior. It's a talent that she has gained from her experience as a Jehovah's Witness.




In a highly competitive world, Beckford sits on a high pedestal basking in her glory as a corporate-image consultant, owner and co-designer of Broad Tail Designs (a clothing company that caters to the needs of plump women).

But Beckford has had experience in numerous arenas including broadcasting, entertainment, and public relations in both the private and public sectors. Her talents afforded her opportunities to serve International Aid Organisations, as a certified protocol and professional etiquette trainer, and the director of entertainment in the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment, and Sports.

Of the different hats the diva sports, her design line brings out the best in her. Making other women feel sexy and confident, sharing with and learning from others and posing for fabulous photos are supplements to her soul, made possible only through her designs. Though, she confesses that in another life, she would definitely be a dancer, singer, or showgirl in Las Vegas. Her aim is to prove that full-figured women can be beautiful and sexy, too.


Different from other women


If ever you're graced with the unforgettable presence of this strong and powerful woman, you'll know how fearless she is in accepting new challenges. It's easy for Beckford to assimilate in new situations.

"I prefer to jump off a high building without a safety harness than to look under a bed for anything. I actually got a beating from my father for saying I couldn't find my school shoes that I spent days looking for. The shoes were under my bed, but I would never look there," she explained.

The ambitious Beckford is looking forward to greater accomplishments in the future. Although she is outstanding, she does not believe that she has achieved all that she can. But, her life wouldn't be complete without inspiring other women.

Of women, she says "You are your only barrier to success, so move that barrier and excel."