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Daynia Pinnock hope to Inspire

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM

While the world is changing, there are still many people who think about a man in a lab coat when they hear the word scientist. But radiation chemist Daynia Pinnock hopes to change that.

Though the concept of a scientist being a man is something that should be done with in the 21st century, it is not. However, people are not all to blame for this stereotype because, truthfully, women are sometimes intimidated by the field. Pinnock noted that science and technology is becoming the leading wave as it pertains to careers. She encourages women to explore the many different fields that they can be a part of just by studying the sciences.

"Embrace the challenge because it really is not easy. All of us are curious or creative, and I would tell them to channel their curiosity and creativity into something groundbreaking - into science and technology because it is the way to the future," she said.




She elaborated that studying the sciences not only creates opportunities in terms of jobs, but helps one to understand the world. Once you grasp the concept you can use it in different arenas. She is now practising nuclear medicine.

Pinnock hopes to further her studies, but has no plans on changing her field of study in the future because she is living her dream.

She encourages youths to do the same, whatever that means for them. She said it is important that they chase their passion and not worry about the money, as she believes that will come. She said that some might not even know what their dreams are, but as they explore different fields they will get that feeling when they are doing something that they love, and that is the feeling that they should follow.

While she is devoted to her work, she does believe in a balanced life and is currently moving forward in her personal life as well, as mother to a six week old baby boy named Zane. You could hardly tell that she just had a child, and she is currently engaged to Mark Lawrence. She does have a full plate - a new baby, wedding planning and a budding career to juggle. She is happy and excited about the future.

There are days we all get tired, even when we are doing the things that we love ,and Pinnock is no exception. On days like those Pinnock, a woman who loves her 'me time' takes some time for herself watching a comedy series or two. She might grab a good book as well. Otherwise, it is her fiancÈ to the rescue, as well as her mother, with fun conversation.

"I am big on family, so talking to them always helps me out," she told Flair.