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Dream Big with Dian Williams

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo The distinguished woman Diane Williams
Contributed Photo The distinguished woman Diane Williams
Contributed Photo The distinguished woman Diane Williams

Chief Executive Officer of Earth ElementsJA, Dian Williams, is motivated by helping those around her achieve their goals. She tells Flair, "I am motivated by my personal goals, as well as those of the persons whom I'm responsible for - my family, staff, and customers."

Earth ElementsJA provides the largest selection of all natural and organic products. "Our business is very personalised and we cater to the full range of the market. We also have wholesale and retail divisions that aspiring entrepreneurs could in fact build a business out of our business."


The mother of three created her business after recognising that there was an untapped niche market for natural products and materials.

Through life we all experience trials that will test how strong we are and give us the skills to ensure our survival. For Williams, this came when she was 19 years old and became pregnant with her first child while attending university. "I barely survived university as I saw the world differently after having a child at 19. My reality meant that I had to go home to a child when all my friends were out partying. While my mom never judged me, something in me wanted to be somebody she could be proud of. I managed to keep it together long enough to finish university and never looked back," said Williams.

As an entrepreneur, keeping her business afloat is key. She ensures that stays abreast of market changes. "I enrol in different workshops and make an effort to acquire new and relevant certifications," she notes adding, " I adhere to strict industry standards thus ensuring the output of quality products. I also try to foster good relationships with my bankers, who provide financial guidance that facilitates business expansion and growth," she explained.


As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest lessons she has learnt was that staying small for two long (in the beginning), retarded the growth of her business. "Had I embraced the risk which expansion demanded sooner, I would have been able to capitalise on several missed opportunities. The realisation of just how much a demand there is for natural products and its raw materials came after opening another store across the street. I am now looking to purchase a larger warehouse space," said Williams.

All entrepreneurs have days that are extremely stressful. For Williams, after a long day that involves running her own business, getting her children off to school, working in a factory and overseeing the different stores and warehouse, she distresses in her garden. "Maintaining a garden calms my spirit, so I regularly manage small landscaping projects at my home," she revealed.

She causes other entrepreneurs to, "be careful of your self-talk because you are the one listening."