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Local superwoman Fiona Burke

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo Fiona Burke - Flourish Founder & Executive Director
Contributed Photo Fiona Burke - Flourish Founder & Executive Director
Contributed Photo Fiona Burke - Flourish Founder & Executive Director

Fiona Burke is a career woman, a passionate volunteer, a wife and a mother, who is nothing short of a superwoman. Removing her cape by day, she is a communication specialist who spends her weekdays writing scripts for TV, radio, print, and social media ads. She also teaches a communication class for evening students twice per week, at the Northern Caribbean University Kingston campus.


Embracing her powers by the week's end, she is a devoted volunteer, through her own organisation, Flourish Mentorship Programme for teenage girls in the community of Red Hills in St Andrew. Burke sets out to save one girl at a time, but not without the assistance of those who have partnered with her over the past three years - touching the lives of almost 100 girls.

A hero's job is never done. After saving the world and shedding her days' cloak, Burke makes time for her number-one fans - her four-year-old daughter and her husband of five years. Whether it is reading with her, assisting with homework, watching cartoons, or going out for drinks with her hubby, family time is a priority. With another bundle of joy on the way, she makes the effort to find the perfect balance.

While it is easier to separate her daily tasks at the office, from her dedication to volunteering, it is much more difficult to create much-needed time with her family. She expressed that, "It's much more of a challenge when classes are in session and I get home no earlier than 9 p.m. some nights, but usually, I use every little opportunity I get to create a bond with my daughter."

Never taking a break from what she loves, Burke's Saturdays have become her days to capitalise on the workings of her organisation. Hence, she has dubbed them 'Flourish Days', taking those days to nurture the minds of teenage girls alongside her wonderful team.

Seldom having time for a breath of fresh air, Burke said that when she does, she likes to take long drives to the country, or spend a day at the beach, a night at the movies, or eat out with friends. She said her girlfriends, who also have busy schedules, are her spiritual support system. "A girl needs a tight circle of friends she can laugh, cry and truly be herself with."