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Marcine Witter lives her Passion

Published:Monday | March 5, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo Marcine Witter
Contributed Photo Marcine Witter

Though not many saw her potential, for Marcine Witter failure was not an option. And it is through her own humble beginning that Witter was motivated to help children like herself.

Now a teacher at Lewisville High School, in St Elizabeth, she is also currently the grade nine coordinator, club coordinator and member of the guidance council committee. She was recognised for her service to the development of the National Secondary Studen'st Council body for the academic year of 2008-2009, and while attending the University of Technology, she made the Dean's list, graduating with honours.

All these achievements she received after failing most of her CXC examinations. In her first attempt she passed only three out of the seven subjects she sat. Having to sit approximately three years out of school due to this, she knew her second chance was a gift that she had to embrace. At 14 years old her father told her that she would not achieve more than her sister who had become pregnant as a teenager - Witter was determined that this would not be her story. After being considered a failure, she picked herself up and moved on.

She had the support of her mother who did her best with her limited resources and recently Witter was accepted into the South Eastern Oklahoma State University to complete Masters Business Administration.

For Witter, her motivation comes in the successes of her students. Her passion for children who are slow learners, stemmed from her own personal loss her brother. He was killed by a friend when Witter was only 16 years old, something she believed was partially due to his slow learning. Now being a part of a new institution and seeing students enter high school reading at a grade one level but then being able to pass their CSEC examinations, there is no better feeling for her.

While she has a lot of passion for her job and dedicates a lot of time to it, she knows the importance of family. She tries to not bring her work home spending her downtime with her family. Witter loves of seafood, reggae music, travelling and thoroughly enjoys giving back through charitable endeavours.

If Witter could leave one advice to today's youth, it would be to keep informed irrespective of educational background. "Education is the only viable way out of poverty, and one should seize all opportunities in order to be successful," she added.