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Yaneek Page creating her own destiny

Published:Friday | March 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Contributed Photo Yaneek Page
Contributed Photo Yaneek Page
Contributed Photo Yaneek Page

Renown businesswoman, chief lady of The Innovators series, Yaneek Page is more than what meets the eyes. Fresh out of sixth form she started her own skin care and beauty products store at the age of 17, with the support of her mother. Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Page expressed that it was just a natural fit for her. This business savvy woman, wanted to go where no woman had gone before. She revealed that initially it was a struggle as being a young woman, people would ask whose business it really was and call her 'a little girl'. She was even asked, "who the hell I thought I was".

Page went on to start her lucrative company, Future Services International Limited, which provides legal funding, expanding its borders into entrepreneurship training, business coaching and TV production. Completing a course in restorative justice at Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies at UWI Mona with Donna Parchment-Brown, Page was inspired. "It was then I understood that people who have suffered terrible injustice usually never move past it unless and until they feel justice has been served."

When she suffered serious head injuries after a car accident, Page gained first hand experience with injustice. "Looking back, I think the Lord made me go through that horrific experience to be able to testify about what it means to be injured because of someone's carelessness but not compensated because of ignorance and others' greed."

Outside of the business community, she is Kevin's wife of 14 years and a mother of two young boys. A lover of dancing, music and going to the beach, who she also enjoys travelling, hiking, a good old fashioned barbecue and stealing away to make that weekend trip to Rebel Salute.

A hidden truth about Page is that she is an excellent cook. She attended three high schools, Immaculate Conception; St Andrew School for Girls; and Priory High. And no, she has never been expelled.

"We should all have more than we show and say far less than we know," is her motto.

Family oriented and keen on business, Page has mastered the art of balancing both by honouring her commitments and obligations to her family as priority number one; through proper time management; delegation; proper support systems and sacrifice. She said that business growth will always be secondary to her family life. "I have an amazing husband who supports me, cheers me on, and gives me so much strength."

She exceeded the expectations of her lecturers who told her that she was destined for greatness, with the social impact her company has had in the spheres of justice, entrepreneurship and women's economic empowerment.