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Molding fat into perfection

Published:Monday | March 12, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Body sculpting is the new contouring as it enhances your body's shape, looking your best inside and outside of your clothes. Just imagine smoothing out those unwanted bulges and overhanging fat, leaving your body clean and curvy, without doing surgery. Owner, dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr Arlene Rose of Derma Kare located in the Winchester Business Centre, has found a healthy and risk-free way to mold fat into perfection.

"As I sat in my dermatology clinic many years ago, I noticed that after treating the skin, patients were asking if I knew of any way they could lose stubborn fat from certain areas without having to undergo the knife." Inspired by the cries of her patients, Rose decided to find ways to help them by searching the globe for the best and safest methods. "I travelled far and wide and even tried different things on my own body until I found the methods I was most comfortable having done on myself, without any long-term risks to my health," explains the dermatologist.




Before you begin your journey of turning your old fat into a tight, thin, new waistline, there are a few things the doc has to know about your body first. Check one: Rose states that some amounts of blood testing has to be done to discover the metabolic type of the patient. This is key in keeping the weight off. Check two: it is important to consider if the patient has a problem with their metabolism that needs to be corrected, which can be done through Derma Kare's biofeedback method. Check Three: Rose denotes that after checking the metabolic and blood type, based on the results, a tailored diet plan is designed to help the person keep the weight off for a long period of time after care. Then go ahead, after all checks are done you can now move on to crafting your new body.

Rose reveals that there are different methods to removing the excess fat, it can either be frozen, heated, or melted with fat-melting injections. She goes on further to say that using lasers is another solution to tightening loose hanging tissues, if a person has lost weight on their own and now has this unwanted loose skin. The number of sessions you need is dependent on the method and how much smoothing is needed, so in under 2 to 8 weeks, you can reap the benefits of your new structure. Rose assures us that the procedure is safe as the lasers being used are non-heating , non-scarring and do not use microwave or cell phone energy that is being used around the world for sculpting.

Beautifying can now be healthy as apart from weight and body optimisation in creating a younger you, this procedure aids in balancing your hormones, enhancing bowel function, elimination of menstrual cramps and moodiness, blood pressure improvement, skin improvement and even reducing back pain. "We often enquire about other health issues so that we can select a method that will help in these other areas at the same," says Rose.

Seeing and loving the upgraded version of yourself may send you into a frenzy of doing things you may not have been able to do. Eat food you have never eaten or have not eaten in a while, shopping sprees and the list goes on. Stop and gain control before you lose it. To keep your current figure just the way it is, you have to be cautious of your actions. Here are some tips from the good doc, about keeping your waistline in line:

- Follow the diet plan that has been tailored for you

- Exercise regularly

- Be sure to avoid stress

- Eat smaller meals on time

One key thing to remember is to enjoy life, laugh, and go out into the sun. "It is so good for us to remember that we need nature sometimes, instead of being office bound."

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