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The New Greenhouse - A flower sanctuary in Kingston

Published:Monday | March 12, 2018 | 12:08 AMRocheda Bartley
Gabrielle Curling, Lorna and Nicola McGrawth are the epitome of the family that sows together, reaps forever.
The New Greenhouse
The New Greenhouse
The New Greenhouse

A single flower at times is all you need to show someone how much they are worth and to express your adoration. This all lies in the power of the language of flowers. With some sweetly scented and beautifully coloured petals, flowers speak volumes and make daring statements that you are too coy to say. At The New Greenhouse, one of Jamaica's flower sanctuaries is where you can get the finest flowers to speak for you.

The Kingston-based flower paradise is owned by three chirpy florists who live to brighten your face. The 40-year-old business began with Lorna McGrawth and as the business grew, her daughter and granddaughter Nicola McGrawth and Gabrielle Curling respectively, joined in the amusing business.

"We originally entered the business industry through our coffee farm in St Thomas. Farming was an alternative to working a regular nine-to-five. We began wholesaling flowers after a decline in the coffee industry, then we decided to add the business of selling retail floral arrangements to our product offering," Nicola McGrawth said.




The trio brings to your door a wide range of natural and fresh flowers from different areas of the world. With a flourishing anthurium farm in St Thomas, and roses, chrysanthemums, carnations and a variety of other blooms and foliage from Columbia and the United States, The New Greenhouse offers an exciting array of striking flowers. It also uses other flowers that are grown locally.

Since its inception, The New Greenhouse continues to experiment with flowers, making thrilling floral arrangements that you cannot refuse. Bouquets, posies, wreaths, and gift-wrapped flowers are some of the creative ways the trio presents their flowers.

"We have floral arrangements for all situations. If you want them for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, to say 'I love you', graduations, or to express sympathy, we have it," Nicola Mcgrawth assured Flair.

Choosing the rights flowers to sincerely express your feelings can be tedious, especially if you do not understand the meanings flowers profess. Nicola McGrawth believes that there are several factors that you need to consider before you select a flower. That's because a single flower, much more a bouquet, can either make your moment, or worse, break it.

"Having a budget is the best place to start when you want to buy or send flowers to someone. We understand that most persons are guided by their financial situations. Also, knowing what flowers the recipient likes is always a plus and this ensures the gift is well received," Curling explained.

Curling added, "A colour coordination scheme is always helpful. For example, purple goes well with pink."

Knowing the message each flower speaks is a plus. If you yearn to express to your partner how happy and excited you are about the wonderful union you have built, red and yellow roses can do the job effortlessly. And to express your sincerity, peach is the idyllic colour for this message.

It's no secret that your large bouquets or posies will not last for forever. But the trio guarantees that you can control how long they last.

"You must use clean vases to store cut flowers, but cut the stems before placing them in vases. Also, you should change the water twice per week. And if you have floral arrangements, ensure that you keep the vase full of water. If you do this the flowers will last longer," Curling advises.