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Single but iffy to mingle - Annoying Anecdotes

Published:Thursday | March 15, 2018 | 12:00 AM

There's no going around it: women crave attention. Men aren't a bed of roses either, drawing out a list of pet peeves from their female counterparts. But women stir up the pot and take the cake in baking up drama. Let's see if we can stop this cycle before it starts. Here are a few annoying anecdotes to avoid while dating or courting with your main man.

He asks you where to go and what to do. If you're thinking of telling him anywhere or anything, then don't. It's high time you make suggestions about your wants and needs. You already have an opinion about everything else, why not give it when he asks? Food for thought.

"Does this make me look fat?" This question about your attire needs to be retired. Just wow him with your fashion. If he doesn't like it, he'll find a nice way to relay his feelings towards it (fellas, please be nice) and if he likes it, he will definitely say it, or show it.

n The infamous silent treatment or saying nothing when he asks what's wrong never helps the situation. Based on your mood and cravings, make up your mind. Apply the 'honesty is the best policy' rule and be open about how you feel. Address it and nip it in the bud. Let it not be said that you weren't cooperative.

n Do you tell your friends everything about your relationship? The response should be no. If it isn't, please put a cease and desist order on that chatter. No man wants his entire business behind closed doors in the streets. Some things are better left unsaid and best kept between you and your love.