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Kelly's World | (Almost) Certified soca junkie

Published:Monday | March 19, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Alnastazia Watson in a UWI Xaymaca International/Exodus costume.

Hi. my name is Daviot, and I'm a soca junkie.

I have this dream/vision of myself making this statement standing in a room of people wearing I Love Soca T-shirts, holding rum mugs and splashed with paint from the latest J'Ouvert event.

In the background, my current favourite soca tune, Splinters by Shal Marshall, will be playing.

I envision that after I have uttered those words, the people will begin hugging me with gusto, welcoming me to the frolicking fold and asking what took me so long.

In my defence, I've always liked the genre. I pride myself on listening to all types of music, from Gershwin to Govana, from Mozart to Mavado.

There is something about soca/carnival that gets even the most rigid nerd to wuk up deh waistline.

The thing with the genre, at least from what I've seen, is that people aren't afraid to let their hair down. Heck, sometimes I don't think they even realise they have.

There's something about the whole soca vibe that 'draw people out'. I think it's the rhythm. Or it could be the rum. Or a combination of both.

Sure, there are some people who go to soca events to 'profile'. But let's be fair, we see people profiling at events that aren't even meant for entertainment.

The selfie kings and queens aside, however, you have to be a real fuddy-duddy to not move to a soca song.

Even my dear mom loves the spectacle of carnival. Don't get excited, there's about as much chance of her doing the road march as there is of me winning the lotto without buying a ticket.




But trust me, soca can be addictive. A friend of mine who is an unapologetic socaphile once posted a meme of a woman with three money jars.

One was marked rent, one was marked groceries or something, and the third was marked carnival.

All three had some amount of money in them, but the carnival jar was rapidly being supplied by money from the other two.

Now the meme is a joke (I hope). But there may be people who will 'prioritise', and place their carnival activities, and the costs they incur, over other stuff they can probably pay at a later date.

In fairness, soca fever, especially at these high levels, only comes around once a year.

Sure, there are soca parties throughout the year, but nowhere with the frequency of those events where the primary genres are dancehall, hip hop and rap.

So when di carnival ting dem tek ova fi a few weeks, people nuffi mek up dem face.

But for all those who aren't crazy about the whole spectacle, 'carnival week' is next week, so us soca lovers will be out of your hair (for a while).

Now if you don't mind, I'll be heading back to my soca dream (singing as he walks down the street) "Splinters, dance mash up fine, fine, fine, yo haul and pull up. Mash it up fine, fine, fine every man put your hand up, every gyal start wine." Love it.

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