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Turn up the heat with carnival dolls

Published:Monday | March 26, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Be a show stopper in a sequence tube top and bejewelled bottom.
Stop traffic while getting a little more coverage in this sequenced one-piece.
Chip down the road in Ruby from the Jeweled Collection.
Work out in this tan two-piece and fiery plumage.
Get loose and strut in this silver selection and aquamarine plummage from the Jewel Collection.
This sexy fringed monokini allows you to dance all day long while in complete comfort.
March with pride in a plethora of colours in this leopard print two piece and mesh sleeves.


With rhinestones, plumage and bejewelled headpieces, carnival road march is the scene for authentic masquerading designs invented by eccentric Caribbean creatives. However, for those who are fÍting on a budget and still want to make a fashionable statement, Carnival Dolls, in collaboration with Urbany Designs, are the designers to watch out for to get a bang for your buck.

For the love of soca, Roxann Daley created Carnival Dolls in 2017 after realising she wanted to create a business from something she was passionate about. "I always used to go and watch it with my mom when I was younger. I always loved seeing the different costumes," explained Daley.

Carnival Dolls pays close attention to each individual's' unique style and body type. "Carnival Dolls is as unique as each of my clients. I take the time to know each of my clients personally. That way when I start designing a custom my inspiration and innovation come from them. Wearing a design from Carnival Dolls allows clients to express themselves freely, and their individualism," said Daley. Carnival Dolls collaborates with good friend Urbany Designs by designer Anick Walters. Urbany Designs offers idiosyncratic styles for persons who appreciate the vibrant and seamless fusion of colours.

View their catalogue on Instagram at @carnival_dolls and @urbanydesigns for more information.