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Fete fashion with Locale

Published:Monday | April 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Road march is just days away and revellers are looking forward to painting the town soca in their beautifully designed costumes. But if they call you Miss or Mr Fete, and you're not brave enough or rich enough to parade traditionally clad, then here's a trendy Tee alternative just for you. Meet Locale.

Locale is a Jamaican T-shirt line created by Kryss-Ann Richards. Inspired by Cooyah Clothing when she was a teen, she dreamed that one day she would be able to tap into her inner creative and design her own line. She made that fÍting fantasy a reality with Locale. According to Richards, soca music and fÍtes have increasingly become a part of the social calendar of many Jamaicans over the past five years, "Being a regular fÍteran, I often see the graphic shirts that some party goers wear that have an interesting pun or saying that is soca-related on them. I was inspired to make my own, and a little encouragement from friends gave birth to Locale tees."

Her most popular shirts which include Drunkday, a design influenced by Drunk Day Today, sung by King Bubba and Ricardo Drue, BAD-ISH tee, generated by Nailah Blackman and Shenseaa's hot soca track, have met the approval of many. Her soca line boasts vibrant local colours in a sea of only black or white because she wanted to keep the canvas classic to better showcase the pop in design.

Customers can look out for Locale's summer T-shirts line. They will have caps, bodysuits, and bathing suits by then as well. But if you're interested in fÍtting fashion with Locale, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages: @wearlocale and send a direct message to place your orders. You can also email us at