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Single but iffy to mingle: Wining like you’re single

Published:Monday | April 2, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Set those soca calendars: Carnival day is this Sunday. Many women and men will be on the road parading, chipping, and wining like they're single.

I've always been fascinated by the season - Sokah gives me life, sokah til I die - where everyone levels the 'wuk up' field, ditching their inhibitions to feel like Hulk, get looser than Lucy and gyrate to pulsatingly sweet beats in synchrony and harmony.

But, is mass an ideal place to find Mr Right or introduce a potential lover to that side of our adopted culture? Factoring in a 'bae' into the equation of the season can result in a plus or minus, as the case may be. No wonder being single proves to be an ordeal since, after all, as they say, you can't carry sand to the sea of soca. In the end, carnival is all about having fun, with no strings officially attached. Here are tips to get you that sweet type of love all night long.


Criminal wine


Break as much wukin' laws as you want with your waistline, 'tief' that wine and make it so illegal that he will have no choice but to arrest you and lock you up in his dancing daze. You did the crime so face the jam time.




Same rule as above applies. Get in your zone, cause a scene, and be as bad as you want, or as naughty as he wants you to be.


Like it like that


Picture this: you want him and he wants you too. You can feel his eyes shooting arrows from behind, making you his Cupid target. And as you turn to meet his gaze, he dances right over into your direction. It's go time: bending, twisting, bubbling, he has no choice but to like it like that (just like that).


Soca Kingdom


If you're entering the soca kingdom with Mr Possibly for the first time, observe and assess how far into the jungle he's willing to go. Approach the soca kingdom without caution. Like bees, these 'vagabonds' may fly from flower to flower, but if he gets up close and personal with your waistline, get out of line, wine, and fling it up in style - who knows? You might be the nectar he needs in his life.




With a bodice (big bumper to match) of an angel or brooding specimen chiselled to perfection, who wouldn't want to say hello? Far from shy, but without saying a word, you excite his spirit, rotating your waistline and blowing his mind. What an exciting way to say hi!




No one has time for stush vibes or modelling, just jammin' and pure revelling. So experience total disorder, as every man grab a woman and mash up di fÍte, fine, fine, fine.


Top Striker


If you're on the fÍte field and you realise that in the mass you've spot a top striker, then you, my lovely, have a goal to make *wink*.




Tthe aim of the game is to score a touchdown, so hands up, bumpers out and let your bodies do the talking.




Now is the time to take the 'stage', show time style, and live on the Savannah side of life: you won't be sorry, and neither will he.




Holding on to the pole, hands on knees, spreading and rolling faster is no easy feat, but let the music move you, showcase your stamina and agility and dip in good company.




It's never OK to be overdue on anything, but in soca, that teasing anxiety leading to a pleasing variety of overdue wines, will make you very special to him.




Shell it down o hard that you have to perform an act of bubbling bravery and still be rescued by your knight in wining armour.