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Keep mattified on the sidelines

Published:Monday | April 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM
The eyes are the windows to the soul and you can keep it cute, like shown here on Mikhalia Williams, a touch of purple under the lower lid for a subtle pop of colour.
Yanique Henry's completed work.
A fresh face for a fun day.
A little shimmer on the eyes to at a playful look for a nude day.

A day out watching a friendly game of polo, athletes straddling sheer power to be the first to score while men will look on in their button-downs and women in flirty dresses ready for the day, their make-up might take a bit more effort to last and we asked make-up artist Yanique Henry to advise.

For the day, women might not want to wear anything too heavy, especially because there are times when they will be outdoors and the last thing they need is to feel more heat. So a fresh-face look with a playful touch of sparkle around the eyes or red on the lips will go a far way. While we would like to keep it fresh we will also want to keep it cute.

To stay matte all day for this fashionable event, Henry noted that it begins before placing any make-up on the skin. It starts with the cleansing stages.

"How you prep the skin is important. I recommend exfoliation before because then it allows for you to start the make-up on a smooth surface which lets the make-up last longer. People who have sensitive skin tend to avoid exfoliation and that is fine, but they can also research products that are good for sensitive skin," she told Flair.

She went on to explain that moisturising the skin is also important. Some persons who have oily skin choose not to especially when using a primer, but one can try an oil-free lightweight moisturiser because a little goes a far way.

For primer, choose a mattifying primer. This will help your make-up to look matte all day even if you are using a liquid or cream-based foundation. She does not recommend Milk of Magnesia.

"It is made for ingesting and stomach problems, it is not for the skin. The make-up will look good but it there are several cases where this excessively dried the skin, making it flaky," Henry warned. The last thing one wants to do is damage the skin.

Choose a light foundation and pat it in, do not rub or stroke because then it will leave streaks and when applying powder (pressed powder, setting powder or translucent powder) stipple - tap in. Do not rub in powder because you will rub the foundation and your make-up can come out blotchy.

For this event, going strong on the eyes is not necessary. Earth tones with a little sparkle or a colourful smokey eye will go a far way. For lips, pinks and nudes are the go-to but one knows the classic red can never be outdone. A slight highlight on the nose is good but please be light handed, you will be in the sun and you would hate for the gold on your nose to be a hindrance to your vision.

Last but not least, set the make-up. There is no better way to seal it in than with a setting spray. The perfect finishing touch.

Now, if during the day you start to 'glisten' a bit due to the heat, use a blotting sponge. Henry notes that the paper sometimes removes the make-up but the blotting sponge keeps the make-up in place and the sweat away.


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