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Discover your Signature Scent

Published:Friday | April 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Perfumes at Maison Chic in Tropical Plaza.
Perfumes at Maison Chic in Tropical Plaza.
Perfumes at Maison Chic in Tropical Plaza.
Perfumes at Maison Chic in Tropical Plaza.


Choosing a fragrance that suits you can be tough, especially if you are not perfume fanatic or just in the mood to shop for a new scent. Maybe you want to go fruity, try something floral or even opt for something musky. Selecting a signature scent boils down to your personal preference, but even then it can take some time. Expert scent specialist at Maison Chic have a few tips for selecting your signature scent.

Before selecting a perfume one must know the basic scents to choose from. Fragrances fall into several categories and it is beneficial to know the different types of scents before your next purchase.




Oriental scents are muskier and give off a rich spicy fragrance. These scents tend to have hints of vanilla, clover and cinnamon.




When thinking of green scents, think of freshly cut grass, crushed leaves and cool fragrances which remind you of being outdoors.




Oceanic fragrances embody scents associated with the ocean. These scents are usually crisp and clean with hints of spice and citrus.




Floral scents are the most popular fragrances among women. They are feminine and romantic.

There is a high possibility that the type of perfume you select will consist of several different notes which will create the overall composition of the fragrance. Notes are the different layers of scents within a fragrance, example: spicy vanilla or rosy citrus. There are three layers of notes. The top notes, middle notes and base notes. The top note is the scent you smell immediately after applying the fragrance. It is the first to hit your nose, but also the first to evaporate. The middle note emerges as the top note disappears and makes up majority of the scent. The base note is the scent that goes undetected until after a prolonged period of wearing the fragrance.


Tips to select your signature perfume:


1. Consider your personality.

"Fragrances have personalities. Therefore picking the right fragrance has to do with your personality. Someone that is shy will not do well with a fragrance that is loud, because it goes against their personality," said Marie Solis, General Manager for Euro brands Trading, Wholesale distributor and license holder of several name brand fragrances. The idea is to choose a fragrance that best represents who you are.

2. Think about the scents you enjoy.

Create a list of your favourite scents. "This can range from your grandmother's cooking to the smell of fresh laundry, cut grass or the salty air of the beach," said Solis. The aim is to remember the scents that mean something to you in order to choose a fragrance with similar notes.

3. Test it out.

Solis then explained that the perfume that smells good on your mother will not smell the same way on you. Maison Chic has testers for every perfume that will allow you to test the fragrance before you purchase it. Ask for a sample and try your potential new perfume for a few days before you commit.





1. What is your idea of the perfect date night?


A. A night out on the town.

B. Going for a hike up the blue mountain.

C. Candlelight dinner at home.

D. Diner at an extra fancy restaurant.


2. Most people would say you are:


A. Flirtatious

B. Free-spirited.

C. Serious

D. Diva


3. What's your drink of choice?


A. Cosmo

B. Pina Colada

C. Wine

D. Moet


4. Pick a colour:


A. Pink

B. Teal

C. Black

D. Yellow


5. Where would you want to vacation?


A. New York City

B. Hawaii

C. Egypt

D. Paris


6. Choose a book:


A. Twilight

B. Hunger Games

C. 50 Shades of Grey

D. People Magazine


7. What would be your ideal profession?


A. Actress

B. Marine Biologist

C.Own your own business


Mostly As

Party Goer: You need a scent that will linger and allow people to remember you. The ideal perfumes for you are: Love Rock and Dance by Shakira or 212 Sexy.

Mostly Bs

Adventurous: You enjoy being active and outdoors. Fresh scents such as Jimmy Choo Blossom and Jean Paul Gaulitier's Wonder Woman or Scandal.

Mostly Cs

Executive: You enjoy being a boss and needs a scent that commands respect. Cartier and Angel are the perfect scents for you.

Mostly Ds

Celebrity: You enjoy being seen while looking like a million dollars. You have a large fan base and need to always look your best. The best fragrance line for you in Bon No. 9

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