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Ettenio covering you with sweetness

Published:Monday | April 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Healthy Hair, Ettenio Scrub
Healthy Hair, Ettenio Scrub
Healthy Hair, Ettenio Scrub


I have always been fascinated with the idea of body scrubs, being covered with sweetness and coming out of the shower glistening but with my eczema, I had always been sceptical. Ettenio's Antoinette Davis helped to clear those reservations.

Ettenio is a local brand and I must admit I have a bias towards our local products because most of them tend to be more on the organic side. I have their rebranded haircare line and it works. So when she asked me to try her body scrubs before release, not only was I happy to live my fantasy, I was comforted that it was less likely to have negative effects on the skin.

I followed her instructions and after my shower, while I was still wet, massaged the scrub on small areas at a time until the sugar crystals were melted. When you have worked your way all over your body, you rinse off the lather and she said no moisturiser would be required.


Brown Sugar Scrub


She had two scrubs and the first one I tried was the brown sugar scrub. Even though she had said no moisturising would be needed, I was sceptical because of how dry my skin tends to get, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was slick, smooth, and soft. I could not keep my hands off my legs. My skin never felt better.


Chocolate Scrub


Now for the chocolate scrub, I will say keep away from children because as an adult, I was tempted to taste it even though I knew it was not food. It smelled so yummy. The results were very similar to the sugar scrub but the sugar scrub gave me a bit more moisture but I still did not need any additional moisturiser. My skin was just as soft.

Davis added these scrubs to her line because she knew that there was a need for exfoliation. She explained that exfoliation is important because it helps many persons with skin problems and since it helps with removing dead skin cells it helps with achieving healthy, glowing skin not to mention blood circulation.

The two scrubs, on the surface, seem to have the same visual effects. I was quite pleased with the results and would invest in both. However, though both scrubs have their similarities and they have a few differences. Davis shares benefits of both.


Benefits of Sugar Scrub


1. This naturally hydrates thus helps keep your skin moisturised.

2. It has anti-ageing benefits and assists against sun damage.

3. As an exfoliant, it gets rid of dead skin but it does so without irritating the skin.

4. May help with ingrown hair depending on your skin type and where the ingrown hair is located.

Benefits of Chocolate Scrub

1. Chocolate scrub includes caffeine which not only helps with the blood circulation but as a result tightens the skins and helps to prevent premature ageing.

2. It increases collagen production which also helps with keeping you youthful removing age spots and wrinkles.

3. Difficult or rough areas like the elbows and knees are softened with this scrub.

4. The aroma is therapeutic. (This is my opinion).

Ettenio is also re branding their foot soak which will be available at EXPO Jamaica, which will be the first place where the body scrubs will be available. Grab your bag and feel your skin transform underneath your fingertips.

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