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Express Yourself with EXOTICHILD

Published:Monday | April 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM
An EXOTICHILD vintage bracelet.
This is a bracelet worthy of a king, hence the name King Bracelet.
Embrace your exotic side with The Lost Clan Earrings.
Coral intertwined necklaces for an exotic child.
EXOTICHILD genuine black bear claw necklace.
Add a bit of leather for that unique touch.
This EXOTICHILD bracelet is made with genuine krobo beads, genuine African trade beads, Chevron and sterling silver.
This unisex, adjustable bracelet with take you back to the motherland as the main bead on this bracelet is an African Trade Bead.
Mother of Exotichild Adrianna Bryan showcasing her unique style and edgy jewellery.

She has always been artistic and creative. Whenever you see her, you can tell she is eccentric, as she doesn't necessarily wear what is in style. Instead, she wears things that she loves that show her personality - redesigning her clothing and making accessories to match.

It was Adrianna Bryan's peculiar sense of style, combined with her love for creating, which led to the birth of the EXOTICHILD brand, an authentic handmade Jamaican line of products. The brand was formally started May 27, 2017, a gift Bryan gave to herself for her birthday.

"Using my hands to make jewellery is much more than just that. I am also using my imagination, my heart and my 'soul' to create art that brings joy into someone's life, whether they are the new owners of an EXOTICHILD or if they are just looking and admiring my work of art," Bryan said.

Bryan utilises Jamaican artists and craft vendors to bring their own personal touch through their creativity and uniqueness. The EXOTICHILD jewellery line uses natural, vintage, ancient and modern materials collected from all over the world. Admittedly, she does not source all of her gems and crystals on her own. She has colleagues that help her to gather the resources that she needs.

As it pertained to naming her line, she knew that she wanted something that exemplified the characteristics of the brand which she describes as unusual, striking, handmade and personal. She was reflecting on a poem that she had written about an Exotic Chile (child) and it was fate.

Speaking of unique, Bryan hopes to share knowledge and beautiful pieces to appeal to the individual sense of style of each customer.

"I also enjoy painting, drawing, writing poetry, dancing, acting, editing photos, decorating venue spaces, capturing and editing photos and videos for my business, friends and family," she tells Flair.

It is through this creative eye that Bryan finds beauty even in the things that people normally do not. Her driftwood necklaces are testament to that.

"I am inspired by everything - literally. What you may see as dull and unattractive, I see art and beauty," she admitted.

There is a lot more in store for EXOTICHILD as Bryan is seeking to incorporate artists and craft vendors into making other Jamaican products such as T-shirts, as well as other pieces of art. She is passionate about making this element flourish and come to life because, in some way, it will be her way of helping to create a better Jamaica.

And what better way to do so than through the hands of its people?