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Work Wardrobe Essentials 101

Published:Monday | April 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM
A black corporate dress is a great structured, tailored piece that you can dress up or down with a blazer.
Be casual and trendy in bright-coloured work pants with a multi-fabric top for a fashion-forward appearance.
Having a casual dress is important to make the right impression while networking during corporate events.
Wide-legged pants and sleeveless top are essential to adding layers to your outfit and being corporate chic.
You too can become a corporate powerhouse in a patterned pencil skirt and a lightweight jacket.
Neutral colours can be brought to life when paired with a bright coloured blazer to give an overall finished look.
Pair a cardigan with a camisole for a casual look while still being corporate in a sharp pencil skirt.


Having a basic understanding of work wardrobe essentials is important to looking stylish and feeling confident every day at the office. Creating a wardrobe can be expensive and, as women, we cannot get away with mixing and matching the same pieces on a regular basis as often as men. However, if you do your first real workplace shopping correctly, you can save a lot of money in the long run.

Flair came up with 12 wardrobes must-haves that are a mixture of classic and vibrant pieces that are important investments for your work wardrobe. Your wardrobe must have:


Lightweight Blazer


A lightweight blazer is a quick and easy way to look pulled together fast.


Meeting/interview-ready dress


A sheath dress is a must for the conservative office - it's a great structured, tailored piece that you can dress up or down with a blazer.


Comfortable, work-appropriate pants


One of the greatest workhorses for a busy working woman is a pair of machine-washable, work-appropriate pants. These can be worn as a part of a suit or paired with something else.


Low-heeled pumps


Low heels are needed for those long days that require staying on your feet to network or do a presentation.


Tote bag


A tote bag is a must! You need something that is big, yet light enough, and not to mention durable for carrying around your daily essentials.


Basic versatile shirt


Tops such as shells, sleeveless, and blouses are great alternatives to wearing shirts with sleeves. These are perfect for creating a layered look with clean lines.


Solid/pattern shirt


These are great for cardigans and blazers. They are perfect for looking casual while being professional.


Casual dress


For days when you need to attend a corporate event, having a few of these in your closet will be your saving grace.




Cardigans are essential for keeping warm while giving a laid-back, casual look.


Neutral flats


These are a must if you are on your feet a lot.


Sharp pencil skirt


A sharp pencil skirt will always give a professional look and is a great alternative to pants.


Button-up shirt


This is a great layering piece that is incredibly versatile. It can be paired with a blazer, cardigan, or more.

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