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Daniel Edwards on the Total One Eighty

Published:Monday | April 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Total One Eighty Wedding Experience
Total One Eighty Wedding Experience
Total One Eighty
Total One Eighty
Total One Eighty

"You can have anything you want, if you dress for it." This statement from Edith Head is a mantra that style-savvy Daniel Edwards lives by. He addresses this and more in his innovative business, Total One Eighty.

Total One Eighty is an image consulting company tailor-made to provide transformational services for adolescent males and men, suited to stand out in and outside of the marketplace. Their clientele is exclusively male and they are all about making a good first impression, and a lasting one too, supplying them with the necessary tools that will not only create but motivate the modern professional male.

Edwards' entrepreneurial journey began from a personal epiphany: pulling a total one eighty on himself. The young financial adviser was on the fast track to success. But he took for granted that he had to dress the part. "I'm awesome, my products are awesome so why would I need a suit? I got this!" he confidently declared. So one day, he ditched the sophisticated look for a more business casual one, comprising a pair of pants and button-down long-sleeved shirt.

This was a decision he would soon regret. He found himself in a sales slump. Losing business, he began losing hope. Until one day, he stumbled upon a difference. "I had to attend my girlfriend's (at the time) graduation from university. I bought an inexpensive sports coat for the occasion and it was there that I noticed a change in people's behaviour towards me. They were more positive. So I tested the waters at work, and saw that women were holding doors for me. I was getting added attention and respect from others. It was like I was a brand new person. Even my sales increased. Everything started to turn around, just by wearing one jacket," he shared.

He studied psychology at university, so he did his research. Merge that with marketing techniques he learned from his time in sales, his love for personal development and, of course, fashion, and he discovered the way to take his professional deportment to new-found heights. He began designing and making suits for himself, fulfilling similar requests for his male coworkers in the process. One day, he did a complete makeover for a friend and he recommended that Edwards become an image consultant. He ignored the advice for a year before heeding to his calling.

But this evolution required more than a fancy suit: the suit was only the beginning. Some of the aspects for his dressing-for-success workshops include business etiquette and decorum, the power of the suit, building your wardrobe on a budget, the psychology of colour, the devil is in the detail, putting your best foot forward and more.

"The plan is to make this an island-wide initiative for secondary and tertiary male students. Let's make the change from early. I've been to Excelsior Community College. Currently working on Munroe College and Campion College is in the pipeline," he said, of his alma maters. Corporate entities have joined in on the workshops as well. In addition, he would also like to start an non-governmental organisation that includes enlisting the aid of men who are leading in their respective areas of expertise. From entrepreneurship, public speaking, networking and professional protocol to grooming, meditation and wellness (yoga and healthy living), men who lead by example, Edwards revealed, can inspire the younger generation far greater than they even realise.

"I want Total One Eighty Consulting to be the catalyst for self mastering. Self mastering is the highest goal any man can attain, so we would like to be a part of that journey. Persistence, education, passion, consistency and versatility: we're planning on giving you a total one eighty."

He has ever expanded his services to the nuptial department. Gentlemen, you need to look like a king for your wedding? Edwards will have your dripping in finesse in no time. He can play master of ceremonies and enchant your audience with exciting tales of the newlyweds' love journey. And it doesn't stop there. Interested in a customised sultry first dance as husband and wife or want to dance for your wife with your groomsmen: he has that section covered too.

So if you want to charm your way in the work world, then let Total One Eighty ignite and fan the flame of positive change in your life. For more information on their worshops, check them out on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: totaloneeighty email: or call: 280-3071

As an added bonus, he divulged his Total One Eighty Style Commandments:

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have.

Never appear as if you made too much effort in creating an outfit.

Be bold but never loud.

If the suit doesn't fit, you ain't legit.

It hurts if you don't wear the right shirt.

You lose if you snooze on the shoes.

Leave some for later.

Make one clothing item the star of the show.

When in doubt, choose 'classic' over 'trendy'.

Never mix more than two patterns at once.

Find and befriend a good tailor.