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Kelly's World | Never satisfied

Published:Monday | April 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM

It's not easy for me to admit this, but I'm a hard person to satisfy sometimes.

Let's clear something up. It can be a good thing to not be easily satisfied. It can mean that you're always striving to be better and to do better.

So you have a bachelor's degree but you're not satisfied, so you go get the master's, and the doctorate, and so on.

That feeling of always wanting to progress is a good thing. But if your lack of satisfaction comes from not being content where you are because you always want what others have, that's going to turn you into a geriatric long before your body actually starts ageing.

At the very least, it doesn't give you peace of mind. Worse yet, it gives you badmind, which can be equally and utterly destructive.

Iwent on a short trip around the Corporate Area recently with a friend who drives a pickup. I felt the power of that machine and saw the advantages of driving it even though I was just in the passenger seat.

Now, before I started driving, I always envisioned myself around many types of vehicles, including a pickup truck. I ended up with a smallish car and it ticked all the boxes of what I required.

But I remember many times I felt like I 'should' or 'needed' to be driving something else.

The last couple of years I've been driving an even smaller car and it's practical.


'Damn, I need a pickup'


But cruising around town with my compadre, I started thinking, "Damn, I need a pickup".

Maybe I've been in and around smaller cars for so long that anything else just seems like a Boeing 737.

But whatever it is, I was being dissatisfied with what I have again. For the record, I don't badmind my friend because he works hard (and has bigger pockets than yours truly).

But I always seem to be looking for the 'next' thing.

You see smartphones and other gadgets? I've owned all the latest mobile phones ... in my mind.

But it feels like I'm never able to appreciate the one I use, which, to its credit, is a perfectly fine piece of hardware.

I fear that some men are like that, especially as it relates to female companionship. I suspect that's why some men cheat.

Forgive me if I sound naÔve, but I still can't understand how a man will have a wife who he loves (his words) dearly, but still cheat on her.

Or how he can be all agog over a little miss one day, and by the following week she's 'old news'? Doesn't make sense.

Thing is, women can be quite fickle, too. Guess that's why Jamaica has so much 'bun' going around even when it's not Easter.

That can't be normal though, can it? It's just a mindset, in my opinion.

I mean, how do you account for the fact that there are people with less who are quite satisfied with what they do have?

They're not 'built' differently folks; they are flesh and blood like the rest of us. Go figure.

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