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Man Up with Doctor Bird Herbals

Published:Monday | April 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM


What can be the most beautiful, most natural, most euphoric experience for a man and a woman, could also be catastrophic, lacklustre or non existent, as the case may be. It may be no fault of the man per se, just that of his private part. So, how do you then broach the faulty elephant in the room and confront the matter of erectile dysfunction head on? Maybe it's time for you to Man Up.

CEO and Founder of Doctor Bird Herbals, Dr Heinz Becker has been a naturopathic doctor more than 20 years. So he knows more than a thing or two about the healing power of nature. Treating men who have come into his office with prostate illness, has led him to a remarkable breakthrough. He found that erectile dysfunction is sometimes at the root of prostate problem. "Men don't like to talk about erectile performance and sometimes, we don't find out about prostate issues until it has advanced. If you're having erectile problems, then it can lead to prostate problems as well. Early detection is important so that the illness can be reduced. In order to get men's prostate healthy, let's talk about erectile dysfunction."


Performance formula


Becker has created a performance formula ideal to unleash the male's hidden stallion. It's called Man Up. The ultimate trifecta includes the Energy Boost, to get the party started, Man Up Male Performance Tonic, to perform at the after-party and Detox for recovery. They can be consumed in that order, or you can just Man Up. These power shots are designed to take the pressure off or ease it so to speak, so that he can prepare for maximum lift off, soar to new cloud-nine heights, peak at exotic altitude and land safely in satisfaction mode.

The products are completely natural, the good doctor pointed out. Made from organic Jamaican herbs and l-arginine, which are scientifically proven to create fast, hard, lasting erections. "The herbs have been used for ages. Back-end tonic and front-end lifters - all of these herbs are hormone related and can relax tissue and increase blood supply to the penis," he asserted. The recommended dosage for Man Up is to take the tonic 30-60 minutes before showtime. It lasts up to five hours, the doc declared, peaks at two or three hours and tapers off after that up to that time. As with any medicine that you are trying for the first time, consult your doctor before use or if the erection lasts up to five hours.

"They're safe to use, can even be taken several times. Using the products on a regular basis will make them less likely a necessary medicine, but a pleasure product to promote prostate health," he said.

So far, they have been getting desperate calls for Man Up from men who are having emergencies and need it that night, or, they loved it and need to go back again. The second set of calls are from women who are either planning in advanced or who call distressed by their new 'boy toy' - they're not used to sex and they don't know how to handle it, Dr Becker revealed.

Man Up and more are available at health food stores around the island. For more information, you can visit the website www.doctorheinzbecker.com email: Doctorbirdherbals@gmail.com check out their Facebook and Instagram: @doctorbirdherbals, call: 422-0779 or visit them at their new home: 26 Lady Musgrave Road, upstairs Spic 'n' Span Dry Cleaners.

They shared, too, as a bonus that any person that comes to them with this article will get a 10 per cent discount on the products they purchase.