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Annoying Mother’s Day Gifts

Published:Monday | May 7, 2018 | 12:00 AM

She looks after you, day and night, and wants nothing but the best for you. She has this innate ability of knowing when something is wrong and already has remedies in tote to fix the problems. She makes multitasking a pastime, executing duties without breaking a sweat or without complaints. And she's usually the glue that holds the entire family together, playing villain when necessary but retaining her crown as the beautiful heroine. She is your mother.

Mother's Day is the most widely celebrated occasion ever. And why wouldn't it be: mothers are amazing! Dedicating a day in May to a woman's life-changing, most treasured role is certainly not enough, but the world makes due.

Unfortunately for these queens, their offspring may have a hard time putting into action just how much they love and appreciate the person who brought them into this world. The result: shock and disappointment, and these worthy recipients still manage to feign happiness, just for your sake. Don't they deserve better? Mommies, we hear you and we feel your pain.

First things first. Instead of jumping outside of the box, it's time to fumigate and eradicate the mess that's going on from the inside. Here is Flair's guide to some of the most annoying mother's day gifts.


DIY Cards


Unless you are Picasso, do it yourself cards are played out once you've passed the toddler stage - and even then, daddies, daycares, a little help here. Put some personal thought into your words and get her to truly feel your love. When in creative doubt, don't be afraid to Hallmark it out. She'll be sure to thank you.


A household appliance


This is never the right way to say Happy Mother's Day. Especially if it's something that you destroyed previously. Unless she requests it, don't buy it. Purchasing something of that nature that everyone will use is a no-go in our book.


Spa Kit


This can be both a good and a bad gift. If Mom is really into nail care, she might like this, but if the kit is designed for her to do all the work, then that eliminates the concept of taking a break to relax in our books. Rather than wasting your money on a kit that will be gathering dust, treat your mother to a day of pampering at the spa - trust and believe that she will appreciate it.


Cheap Jewellery


It's Mother's Day and you forgot about it, so you grab something last minute. A piece of jewellery that lacks meaning or significance. Saving money may cost way more. The long run if it creates an allergic reaction. She loves you so she'll accept it: that doesn't mean she likes it. A mother can tell when thought wasn't put into a gift. This time around, enlist the help of Dad, uncle or aunty to help you pick out something in her favourite colour, for instance, that she'll be proud to wear and say, "My daughter [or my son] got it for me."


Home-cooked meal


If you're giving your mother a break from the kitchen, and you know you're not a top chef, please put your lackluster skills on the chopping block and order in from her favourite restaurant, or take her out for a great evening: you'll definitely score bonus points if you make an event out if it.


The World's Best or Greatest Mom


Some moms love this message on cups and mugs, but others are over it and secretly cringe at the sight because it reminds them of a cliched template, indicative of the easy route. Really digging deep and presenting her with something personalised.


Gym membership


This is never a good gift for any occasion, period. But it's a particularly impolite gift to give your mother: and that's putting it mildly. It's also very unforgiving if this is post-giving birth and she's barely keeping up; no offence, but that's probably the last thing on her mind: sleep is at the top of that list. But if you want to get her into fitness, you can introduce it as a family initiative and engage in some mother-son or mother-daughter activities that she may like, swimming or dancing. It will feel more like bonding than exercise: food for thought.




By far, the worst gift you could ever give on Mother's Day is nothing at all. There must be something that you can present to say 'I love you'. It's not too late: let's do this!