Fri | Dec 14, 2018

Pamper Yourself the DIY Jo way on Mother's Day

Published:Monday | May 7, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

I am no mother, but with my work schedule I find it hard to relax, I cannot imagine how working or stay at home mothers do it. However, this DIY Jo is catering to you.

Now, I am not telling you to necessarily whip up anything, not giving you any more work to do, but I am giving you some natural ways to pamper and take care of yourself within your own four walls. Things that specifically speak to you this Mother's Day.

Get incense instead or air freshener. Now you know as women we are enticed by pleasant fragrances and aromas. Light a soy candle or incense, or get the right essential oils for your diffuser.

We know that the rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus clear the airways. However, for Mother's Day it is about the pampering and relaxation. Citrus oil is great for your mental health, and as such it helps you relax or place you in a great state of mind. If your motherly mind will not go to rest, then get some lavender oil, a little in your diffuser or bath.

It is Mother's Day, so do not take a shower, draw yourself a bath. No rushing in and out. If you are a single mom get a trusted single friend to watch your child, not your mother, the child's father or wait until they are asleep. While if you are married, trust your husband to keep them occupied. Add a few drops to your bubble bath and soak.


While you soak do a natural clay mask of your choosing. Place on your face and allow to dry and then rinse.

Bath time is up and you want to get moisturised, use an oil while you are still damp, it creates for better absorption, leaving your skin tender to the touch. Argan oil is my go-to but I also recommend jojoba or olive oil. Neither of the fragrances is pleasing as argan so you can add a few drops of coffee essential oil to those carrier oil. Not only will it smell great but coffee is great for smoothing or rather tightening the skin since this coffee help to build collagen. If you are still nursing or pregnant it is not recommended to do this; however, some lemon oil will do the trick.

Slip into that hot dress if you have a date night. If not put your feet up with your incense or diffuser burning and grab a good book. Enjoy Mother's Day as organically as you should be enjoying life but are too busy to do so.

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