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Kimesha Brown striding to the top

Published:Monday | May 21, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley
Urban Orchids Jamaica.
Urban Orchids Jamaica.
Urban Orchids Jamaica.
Kimesha Brown
Kimesha Brown
Kimesha Brown

One of the greatest factors for success is determination. And together with a drive to survive in spite of trials, passion, energy and pure enthusiasm you'll get a fine recipe for sweet success. Kimesha Brown is the managing director of Urban Orchids Jamaica, who has used this formula to aid her in defying the odds in reaching to the top.

Brown hails from Linstead, a rural locale in St Catherine. She declares herself as a winner, a fun-loving soul who embraces new challenges and one who makes the best out of the worst.

Growing up alongside four siblings, Brown reveals that unwelcoming financial challenges have stunted her progress. Nonetheless, she has kept her feet firmly grounded in her dreams and worked tirelessly to get to where she is today.

"I missed a lot of schooling growing up because my parents simply did not have it. I was a prefect in high school. I passed my CXCs with ones and twos. And I'm currently completing my Bachelor of Science in accounting, eight years after I left high school. I had a late start, but that's OK," she told Flair.

Using her desire to be the best version of herself as an inspiration, the 28-year-old treads for success, and now in her third year at the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean (UCC), she brags of her 3.72 grade point average.

To date, her company Urban Orchids Jamaica is her babe and a firm confirmation that she can accomplish anything that she sets her mind and hands to.

"Urban Orchids Jamaica is my greatest accomplishment. I was in the business of selling jewellery before, but it wasn't as fulfilling. With the floral arrangements and decor I get to create something beautiful with my hands, and it brings about a sense of fulfilment to me," she explained.

For Brown, the mere thought of failure makes her shiver, especially when she examines the unrelenting diligence she invested in accomplishing her goals. In addition, she fears repeating blunders by not learning from the lessons that emanate from her previous mistakes.




Like any other business venture, her company demands most of her time and attention, which leaves less time for her to enjoy her favourite pastime activities. But regardless, there is nothing that can separate her from her lifetime love - music.

"I'm a big oldies fan. That's what I grew up on. On Sundays my dad would play music from The Chilites, Sam Cooke, Beres Hammond, Garnet Silk and other old-time hits. These are what I listen to until this day," Brown revealed.

Brown also adores reading, trying new activities and going to the movies to have a little fun - after all, she knows that hard work and no play makes her a dull girl.

In spite of the setbacks in her life and the countless mistakes she has made, Brown says she would not want to have it any other way.

" I appreciate every experience I've had in my life, all the successes and lessons learnt. They make me who I am today, and that is a hard-working person I can be proud of," she said.