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Intoxicating Love: The Appleton Story

Published:Monday | May 28, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Bridal Party in order: There are 2 maid of honors and 2 bridesmaids Shelloma Hyman, Kerryann Henclewood (maid of honor) Sheryl in the middle, Nicola Ainsworth (maid of honor), Kivette Parkes
Groomsmen in order: There are 2 best men and 2 groomsmenJosh-Twain - McKenzie, Andrew Hoo-Fong (Best man), Timon in the middle, then Jermaine Kelly (best man) Jo-Twain McKenzine

American Journalist Brian D'Ambrosio once said, "Rum is tonic that clarifies the vision, and sets things in true perspective." For Sheryl Clayton, the dream was now a reality: Timon Appleton would be the timeless tonic of her life. And the distinctively divine combination of the beautiful and balanced 'chaser' with the strong and secure 'liquor' resulted in a refined romance that had everyone sipping sweetly on their flavourful happily ever after. Here is their intoxicating love story.


Mixing Journey


The two started on their one-of-a-kind mixing journey on the rocks two and a half years ago. Both working at the same company, Sheryl, a graphic artist, and Timon, at the time, a customer service representative, would cross paths on occasion, but remained cordial in the office. They never really took each other seriously, until one day, everything changed over an ice cream date at Devon House. Despite the almost perfectly blended mix, they continued to linger on scepticism. Sheryl thought he wasn't mature enough and wasn't serious about God, while Timon was of the notion that she was soft - a personality trait he didn't like in a woman. But fate intervened, proving them both wrong.

Timon revealed to Flair that he realised God had a serious plan for his life. And he was going to need a strong woman to stand by his side, no matter what. The strength of a woman in Sheryl put this very characteristic on full display at work for him to see and he was blown away by her courage and bravery. Her commitment, ambition, loving ,and fun nature were an added bonus. Timon proved to be more charming than what meets the eye, strong, honest and just phenomenal for Sheryl. As for the God-fearing factor, she lived to see Timon walking stride by stride with her in faith.

After things got serious, Timon decided to shake things up, stirring the emotions of his sweet love, Sheryl, with a 'record' proposal in July of 2017.


Record proposal


Timon initially thought of proposing to Sheryl at Port Royal. With his fiancÈe-to-be out attending a play with her sister, he could go ahead and set the plan in motion. "But when I arrived there, I wasn't feeling the place. It just wasn't somewhere I wanted to propose to her. And furthermore, they were closing in the next hour, which wouldn't make sense because Sheryl would still be at the play by that time. And they were to meet us up again. So I had to formulate a plan B," he said.

He took a drive with friends and family to Usain Bolt's Tracks and Records (UBTR) at Constant Spring Road, and told them that the meeting point for an after-play drink up with the family. He spoke with the staff at the restaurant and they assured him that they had it covered. "It was so beautiful because I was totally surprised and blown away. UBTR's staff came around with an ice cream that we didn't order, so I thought they had the table wrong. Then I saw the ring on top and I was like, 'Yep, definitely the wrong table.' Until I saw Timon go down on one knee, I felt like fainting!" an excited Sheryl expressed, before she said yes to his marriage proposal.


Grateful Planning Process


They both described the wedding planning process as extremely tedious, noting that they ditched the services of a wedding planner and instead opted to plan their nuptials together, with the assistance of close family and friends. "We faced many obstacles along the way, especially financially, but glory be to God, He came in at the right time and we were able to get some funds and settle everything," they declared.


Spirited Wedding


The two who were both baptised when they were 14 years of age, came before God once more on April 28, 2018, to publicly declare their undying love for each other and become husband and wife. The wedding ceremony, held at the Escarpment Road New Testament Church of God, gave way to the reception at Waterfalls in Liguanea.

The beautiful bride confessed that she was surprised that everything went according to plan, while the dapper groom, who was pleased with their bridal colours of yellow and brown, expressed his happiness and gratitude that he trusted his wife's creative vision. The Appletons remained in high spirits all the way to their honeymoon.