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The Hazels nuts about Jamaica

Published:Thursday | May 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Jim Hazell (right) and his wife, Tammy, enjoy a lovely dinner with their son, Cody.

Fun in the sun on white sand beaches. Quality R and R with the best food this colourful culture has to offer. There's no denying the niceness of our green shores. After all, once you go, you know. The Flair team, on a visit to 3 Dives Jerk Centre in Negril, caught up with the Hazels, who are just nuts about Jamaica.

A lovely dinner boasting authentic herbs and spices overlooking the breathtaking view of the sunset and the ocean: the family of three, Tammy, Jim, and their son Cody Hazel, basked in this timeless experience as they shared their love for our island with us.

The Hazels, who revealed that they were warmly welcomed to Jamrock back in 2009, haven't looked back since. Tammy works for a major hospital and Jim works for a major grocery store, so they look forward to taking that well-deserved break. "When you're in Jamaica, you can get away from everything and be totally relaxed," Tammy told Flair, with a smile. They create a vacation for destination Jamaica at least once per year, noting that they ultimately aspire for two: one family-oriented holiday and the other an adult getaway, to keep the balance and spice going.

"First time we came, we did the all-inclusive accommodation to get our bearings, but after a while, we went out on our own," Jim expressed. So far, they have stayed at Hotel Rio, Bar-b-barn Beach Hotel, Jamaica Tamboo Resort, and Rondel Village Hotel.

The adventure seekers have already gone to Seven Miles beach, they love to swim and go snorkelling. They've enjoyed visiting Booby Cay Island and the Pelican Bar via boat ride. But nothing beats the serenity of 3 Dives Jerk Centre. "We always get the jerked chicken, rice and peas, and callaloo: it's really awesome. The customer service is always awesome - no problem. So we come for the food and stay for the view," the couple said. Outside of jerked chicken, they also enjoy escoveitched fish.

They recommend that you come to Jamaica, get out of the hotel and explore the culture.