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Welcome to Westmoreland

Published:Thursday | May 31, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Glass bottom boats docked along the Negril beach area.

Lovely Westmoreland, where there is lush greenery, wooden houses and shops, men sitting outside of the bars grabbing a cold beer in the midday sun and being greeted with a warm smile by the elderly.

There are remnants of the past with plantations where our ancestors laboured through blood, sweat, and tears. The view of the ocean looking like a painting by the hand of God, so beautiful that it almost seemed unreal, and you could see how one could get lost in the view for hours.

The towns are busy. Savanna-la-Mar residents and businessmen walking up and down the streets hurrying to their jobs, their lunch meetings, and even casual shopping. The horns of taxis and buses fill the air as drivers the call out routes to surrounding districts.

You make your way to Negril and the hustle and bustle is a little more laid back. Still busy, but not quite so much. A few tourists walk the streets chatting, laughing, and pointing out things that locals might see as ordinary structures. The locals chat and enjoy the sea breeze at their Corner Bar.

There are trendy fashion stores and beauty bars that keep the women looking their best and just minutes away from the eateries and sports bars that many spend their nightlife.

Welcome to Westmoreland, a parish that has a sweet spot for everyone.