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Your personal Father's Day gift guide

Published:Monday | June 11, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

The day we celebrate our amazing fathers is fast approaching. This means many of us will have to start gift shopping soon, that's if you haven't already started. But shopping for the perfect gift that will adequately show your appreciation may not be so easy, right? Let's face it, we have several different types of dads. We have the outdoorsy, the fashion experts, the health-conscious, the tool man, the dreamer, and the list goes on. Some persons like to give their father the traditional socks and tie, but it's time to break away from the norm. Here's your new gift guide.

Skincare therapy: If your father loves to take care of his skin, a session of skincare therapy could be the best gift he will probably receive. Introducing him to natural skincare products such as aloe water, tea tree essential oils, moisturisers, or even beard oil to tame his beard is a good idea. He will surely sense your appreciation, not only in his heart, but bursting through his skin.

•  Personalised gifts: You can never go wrong with personalised gifts. It could be a shirt, key rings for the house or car, tools and/or a toolkit or coffee mug. Whatever you do, try to get the gift to scream 'I Love You!' But remember the right gift depends on his likes and preferences. So, do not personalise a coffee mug if he dreads drinking coffee.

Help him to get in shape: Is your father the kind of guy who's dedicated to workout regimes that build muscles? Then maybe helping him to get in shape should be your gift this Father's Day. A pair of adjustable dumb-bells could work, or if you want to go a bit lighter on your pocket, paying a month's gym membership should be all right.

• Jazz up his swag: Some dads are experts at making eclectic and daring fashion statements. So, if this is your dad, why don't you help him to jazz up his style? A nice shirt, a comfortable yet fashionably bold pair of pants or a stellar pair of shoes are things he simply cannot refuse.

• Treat him a to gourmet meal: A home-cooked gourmet meal is another great option. Tantalising his taste buds with an exciting meal that is unlike any other dish you are accustomed to preparing will warm his heart. And he will surely melt at the display of your appreciation for his love and support.

• A bottle of his favourite wine: There is so much you can say through one bottle of his favourite wine. Whether it's the Italian Spalletti, Chilean Vina Maipo Merlot or other sparkling wines, he will surely feel satisfied.

• Alone time: This might seem odd, but sometimes all your parents want is some peace and quiet. This may very well mean that your father could be able to do something he has not done in a very long time, or the one thing that he has been yearning to do all his life.