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Held captive by makeup, but loving it

Published:Monday | June 18, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley

Art and craft are darlings that keep capturing the hearts of many individuals. For Shania Williams, it's make-up artistry that holds her captive and it's a feeling she adores. Now, in her seventh year in the industry, Williams is deemed as one of the top-notch artists who has mastered the skill and who spreads her glory and joy through simply applying make-up. It's a feeling she wishes to spread around the world.

Williams, a make-up artist and consultant, conceives the art as more than just a business venture. It's a way to express her true self and she confessed that before mastering the craft, she had never thought of it as her bread.

"Honestly, I did not see this coming. And to be even more honest with you, I think I've found my place. I have always wanted to operate my own business. But the truth is I never chose make-up, it chose me," she told Flair.

She calls her venture Niaz Makeup Artistry.




Williams is elated about the constant progress she has made over the years. She honed her skills independently and perfected them by constantly practising the various application techniques and trends. Her free-spirited demeanour also helped as she explored the craft and built her brand.

Before she took make-up seriously, she did it simply for pleasure, applying it to herself, friends, and family. Her stint as a make-up artist and consultant began as a result of familial support, especially from her aunt who saw the potential she possessed.

"I am enjoying my job. The best things about doing what I do are the opportunity to meet various personalities, the flexibility of the businesses, and getting the deets on new product releases. The most important thing I have learnt so far is that quality builds credibility, so I always try to do my best in providing each client with a satisfactory experience of my service," William explained.




The talented artist aims to further help women to become more beautiful in different ways as she grows in the industry. She plans to create her own line of cosmetics and lashes, collaborate with a renowned cosmetic brand, and start make-up classes. And she hopes to one day get the opportunity to apply make-up to the singer sensation, Rihanna.

Also, she admitted that as any other venture, she has her challenges, too.

"Being pregnant with my second child proved to be the greatest challenge I have had so far. Having to work long hours, travelling across the island for destination weddings, getting nauseous and sick on every job [were rough]. It's the strength and will power that God instilled in me that kept me going at the time," she revealed to Flair.




She is unable to separate herself from her craft and took the opportunity to give you these much-needed tips.

- Always apply liner on the inner part of the top lash line. This will make your lashes look bolder and fuller.

- Mix loose pigment/eye shadow with Vaseline to customise a lip gloss.

- You must dust loose powder under the eyes to protect eye shadow fall out.

- Remember your brows are sisters and not twins so there's no need for perfection. Ensure that the length is in place and the arch is good. They will never look exactly alike.