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Amour grandeur with the Gorskis

Published:Monday | June 25, 2018 | 12:15 AMKrysta Anderson

You can't get more amour grandeur than saying 'I do' in a castle. And couple, Jamaican Danielle Edmond and Gerard Gorski, a Polish national, did just that when they were joined in holy matrimony at Trident Castle in Portland.

The two lovebirds first met at a restaurant in Manhattan, New York. Danielle initially thought Gerard was shy, but to her, he was absolutely adorable. "He wore glasses at the time, and he kept looking down, as though he was timid to talk to me. It was cute," she explained to Flair. Gerard found Danielle, simply put, mesmerising. "She seemed brilliant, and I was right, she is."

Over time, Danielle fell head over heels in love with Gerard because of his loving nature, and she admired the fact that he not only brought out the best in her, but he was always right by her side as well. "With him being so loving, I saw at first hand what being selfless meant. He's so patient that I've learnt to be more patient. I've watched myself evolve into who I am, and at each important moment of that growth, he was right there backing me with a smile. It's like finding your real 'breddrin' (real friend) in life: you just know we're in this together no matter what."

Their whirlwind romance travelled continents, transcending both time and space. It didn't feel like they went to a point where they said, "Let's make it official". But alas, their relationship smoothly sailed the waves of euphoria and docked right into happily ever after.




After being together for almost four years, Gerard decided to declare his undying love for Danielle with a French connection. "I took her on a surprise trip to Quebec City, her favourite French City, besides Paris. We stayed at Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, this beautiful castle right on St Lawrence River. I told her we were going on a private castle tour right before dinner. Our tour guide took us up a marvellous private staircase into a walkway, bypassing exquisite art pieces. Upon entering a room, there was an accordion musician playing Bruno Mars Marry You. I don't think she noticed the song; she was busy going into shock. There were white rose petals on the ground as she walked into flashing lights. I got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage. She said, 'Of course'."

Danielle described the proposal as amazing, noting that while she figured it was happening because he began acting weird, and she played along with the 'clueless' plot, nothing could have prepared her for that majestic moment.

For Danielle, the wedding process went well. Her two best girls were maid and matron of honour, so they both helped with the planning. Combine that with their two wedding planners, Melanie Miller and Helen G, and their bridal dream transformed into a regal reality. They jet-setted to the wettest parish in Jamaica, her fave, Portland, to say 'I do'. She saw the presence of rain as a blessing. "I was opposed to having tents at the Trident Castle, mainly because I wanted our guests to fall in love with the scenery. As a last-minute plan, however, we decided on the tent for the reception dinner. Though it rained in the afternoon, it stopped before the wedding ceremony. It all seemed hazy, I felt like I was on cloud nine- it was beautiful."

The blushing bride was a vision of pristine elegance alongside her handsome groom, basking in bridal bliss against the backdrop of a dark and lovely bridal party.