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Say 'I do' with RC Endless Possibilities

Published:Monday | June 25, 2018 | 12:14 AM
Ricardo Comrie, wedding planner.
Ricardo Comrie, wedding planner.

Planning the ideal wedding for you and your love can be a mind-boggling experience. Where do you start? How do you factor in your matrimonial desires with that of your life partner? That's where a wedding planner comes in - to sort out all the kinks, visible or potential, assist with the vision and play mediator when it comes to reaching a compromise, execute every detail, and basically become your third party all the way to honeymoon. Sounds like the best job for a woman, right? Well, not exactly. Maybe the missing link is from a man's honest perspective. So, with that in mind, why not say 'I do' with RC Endless Possibilities?

Once upon a time, Ricardo Comrie worked in system administration. He realised that this particular area no longer appealed to him. He wanted more, and so he resigned. While attending the workshop of a friend, he met a woman who changed his whole outlook on his profession. She was already in the event planning and decor industry, and after their conversation, he was intrigued. Then and there, he decided to go into the business, creating endless possibilities for events. He soon found himself developing a particular affinity for weddings.

According to Comrie, RC Endless Possibilities provides all the services for both the bride and the groom. Wedding logistics, decor, PA system, tent rental, decor, lighting services, floral treatment and financial advice. While his company has been registered for more than eight years, his combined knowledge within the industry, working for others and himself, spans more than 15 years. He shared that like any other business, it has had its ups and downs, but he continues to treat every client like they are his first, and it's with this approach that his company expands its clientele. "This business is personal, so word of mouth is the best form of promotion," he told Flair.

When asked what is the main preconceived notion of a male wedding planner that he has ever heard, his response is that a heterosexual male is unable to properly plan a wedding, or men don't have an eye for detail. "I remember going to do a wedding and even though the bride had physically seen me in action, her bridal team gave me a warm time before the actually wedding. The evening of the wedding, when all that had been said was successfully done, the maid of honour came over and apologised." He received several referrals from that wedding.

He has a simple guide for every bride and groom he meets, and it's that of the five Ws and the H: Who, what, where, when, why and how. These, he says, are essential to putting everything into context and making the significant occasion much easier to handle. "Plus, I ask both bride and the groom to close their eyes and walk me through what they would want their special day to look like. I find that if both parties have not had prior conversation, they tend to differ in expectations, so I try to find a balance, giving both persons what's needed." Other areas queried include budget, location, number of attendees.




Also, a common obstacle Comrie faces with soon-to-be newly-weds is that they go on the Internet, and after seeing elaborate designs, come up with wonderful ideas without taking into consideration the actual cost, within their budget, and the availability of the required items. But with the greater access of online shopping, they are better able to provide more of their requested grand displays.

But he says it's all worth it. His favourite part of the weddings he has planned: when the couple finally says 'I do' - you know all the months of planning came down to that final magical moment.

He believes all the weddings he has planned are special, but there are two that have stood out to date. He was especially moved by a bride and groom who gave him a handwritten card expressing their gratitude for what he had done. That, he said, was quite moving because they sat down and thought about their experience then put it on paper. And the other was a last-minute client he received - the groom wanted the floral arrangements to be orchids and this had to be done in four days. He had to call in all the favours to make it happen, and when it did, the clients were pleased.

His advice to men wanting to become wedding planners is to just go for it. "It doesn't matter what aspect of the planning stages you want to do, if you see yourself doing it, then go for it. Ninety-five per cent of the actual wedding decor in Jamaica is done by males anyway, so work your way in from there and specialise, if you so desire."

So if you're stuck on the 'what ifs' for your wedding, RC Endless Possibilities will plan it, create it and make it happen. For more information, you can find RC Endless Possibilities at 14 Butts Crescent, Kingston 2, call: 876-592-3342. Email or check out their social media pages, Facebook: RC Endless Possibilities or on Instagram: @nlessdecorja.