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Beauty secrets for the summer

Published:Monday | July 9, 2018 | 12:00 AMRocheda Bartley 8 Lifestyle Writer

Summer is on, and so too is the heat. Needless to say, we’re almost halfway through the season and it surely won’t get any cooler. But that’s no excuse for us ladies not to look beautiful and bodacious. Here are some beauty secrets for you to beat the heat and keep looking immaculately gorgeous.



Short hair will definitely make the cut with this sweltering summer heat. Be it a sleek bob, wavy, layered crop, sexy Mohawk, or high Afro, you'll be kept cool while looking cute. And remember, beauty doesn't come easy. Be careful with frizzes, and depending on your style, a flat iron and anti-frizz hair products should be your best friends. They'll seal your hair in place.




So, we all know that less is more. Wearing heavy make-up is the last thing you want to do. Primer, a little foundation, or none at all, eye pencils (liquid eyeliners will melt), bronzer, and light-coloured lipsticks are basically all that you need to stay stylish and looking like a movie star. And toss the sponges, brushes are the better pick. Lip glosses, too, are your arch-enemies. They'll only attract the heat and increase your chances of getting burned lips. You don't want that, right?


Dark colours attract heat. Lighter-coloured apparel are your top choices. You'll be kept cool all day long. For sure, you want to be looking sexy, but maybe you should reconsider wearing really tight attire. Yes, they are cute, but rocking loose clothes saves you from getting sweat stains in your favourite blouses. Crop tops, cute mini-dresses, sexy skirts, and shorts are what you should consider, too.




Now is the legitimate time for you to go low on accessories. And the few that you choose must be lightweight, functional, light-coloured and, of course, match your stunning outfit. The perfect sunglasses for your face shape should be a priority. An eye-catching summer hat, unique watch that stands out, and a striking lightweight necklace are the others you need.