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Exploring Sandra Bicknell's Cuts Of A Diamond

Published:Monday | July 9, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell
Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell
Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell
Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell
Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell
Sandra Rodriguez Bicknell

Name a person who has never made a mistake in their entire life. How about someone who has never taken a risk. Is it even possible to imagine a life without love? No one knows how life will unfold or the various ways to control the wave of experiences and people we will encounter throughout our journey. However, it is the way in which we manage our reactions and outlook that will ultimately determine our quality of life. Author of Cuts of A Diamond, Sandra Bicknell believes in the power of compassion, spirituality, and love, which when fused together, can heal all wounds and propel self-growth.

In Cuts of A Diamond Bicknell unveils a myriad unadulterated emotions that focus on honest experiences throughout her life. "My book is my spiritual journey through love and heartache. It's about how I experienced life and love, whether it be in my relationships or even with family. Writing it helped me to identify and put into place the definition of love and how it affected my life," said Bicknell.

The book explores various philosophies about faith, God, astrology and the universe, and how they played a role in her life to become a better mother and partner. "Personal growth is a major topic in my book because as I reached each juncture, I had to really go deep and examine what really was taking place within me," she said.

Bicknell's uncanny ability to create a vibrant portrayal of imagery through words makes her book very easy to read, understand, and even feel. It interacts with all the senses which allow the reader to relive the very personal moments of her life. One will feel the pain, sadness, and loss as she goes through the motion of her divorce in the early chapters, then find themselves overflowing with joy and curiosity as she rediscovers herself and new love.

The Cuban native and former international model emphasises the importance of taking our experiences as a gift. "These are things that are given to us so that we can be of service to others. A lot of times we discover that we are not in a relationship for us. God puts us in other people's lives so we can help them for a moment along their journey," explained Bicknell. Cuts of A Diamond gives scenarios which explain that life is not just about us, and our interactions with people are also needed for their self-development.

"After I wrote the book, I was left without words," said Bicknell, who became very emotional as she reflected on her state of mind while writing Cuts of A Diamond. "Persons have even told me thank you for writing my story because they could relate to it. God was with me when I wrote it. It was this bubble that I had to stay in on my own so I could let out all of what was within me," said Bicknell.

The aims of Cuts of A Diamond include strengthening your spirituality, uncovering the magic and power that lives within us all, changing your perspective on heartbreak, using forgiveness for self-healing, learning to manifest, improving your relationships with God and your family, and finally, to conquer heartbreak.

At age 50, Bicknell admits that she is still figuring life out herself and has opted to take each day as it comes. She has embarked on an entrepreneurial project, which not only involves helping persons to learn from their experiences, but also pairing their victories with state of the art custom made jewellery to remember that moment in their life forever. "Some people get tattoos which signify an experience in their life. I provide fine-art jewellery to keep for the rest of your life," said Bicknell.

To read her book and find out more about Cuts of A Diamond, visit Make this memoir your guide to self-rediscovery and growth. The journey begins with the first chapter.