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Krystal Tomlinson: Pregnancy, Purpose and Possibility

Published:Monday | July 9, 2018 | 12:00 AMJamila Litchmore
Krystal Tomlinson and Beenie Man
Krystal Tomlinson and Beenie Man
Krystal Tomlinson and Beenie Man

Television presenter Krystal Tomlinson and her partner Moses Davis are expecting, and the two couldn't be more excited.

It's a big step for 28-year-old Tomlinson, whose 2017 'Year on Purpose' saw her make her biggest professional change, resigning as the public relations and engagement manager at the Digicel Jamaica Foundation, and starting her own company - the Centre for Self-Management.

"That was all deliberate. I knew I was preparing to nest and never wanted to feel as though my family life might take the back burner in order to excel professionally," said Tomlinson.

The Centre for Self-Management is a web-based platform, which offers online and face-to-face training in public speaking, financial literacy, productivity, and emotional intelligence. It allows Tomlinson to share her core values with companies, schools and individuals.

In 2018, they embarked on the 'Year of Discipline', which Tomlinson approached by looking at what she calls her four truths: mindset, approach, success, and fear.

Pregnancy in a year she has clearly outlined as one ripe for radical change is near kismet. She found out she was pregnant in late April. Now five months along, everything is falling into place. She is preparing for the baby and fulfilling her professional dreams as well. The management coach will launch her first book in August. She is also the president of the People's National Party Youth Organisation.


'Surrounded by Love'


"I am surrounded by love and support from my family and friends who have been so involved and protective. But even my state of emotional readiness amazes me. I am not panicking or feeling anxious about it. I just want to stay in the moment and savour this journey," Tomlinson told Flair.

Discipline has a played a major role in her life. It is the backbone of her principles, and something that she says she learnt from her mother, Mischelle Reid.

Now she hopes to pass the principle on to her own child, "doing what must be done, when it must be done, without fear of people's opinions".


Smooth Pregnancy


Her pregnancy has been going smoothly but it has been an adjustment for the usually active Tomlinson.

"I'm in perfect health. The big difference is really how my body is changing and the inability to fit into my old clothes - and the random bouts of fatigue! I'll be in the middle of a meeting, well rested from the night before and suddenly feel an intense wave of drowsiness," Tomlinson shared.

But even that, she admits, is exciting.

"It is a reminder that I am bearing beautiful fruit. It has been the most amazing five months of my life and Moses has been deliberate about creating a stress-free, tranquil environment at home so nothing interferes with my peace of mind. From the temperature to the TV volume. I call him the 'Peace Police'".

No newcomer to fatherhood, Davis, more popularly known as Beenie Man, is unable to contain his excitement.

"[I'm] excited! Still excited. A few days after she showed me the ultrasound, I cried and said 'Thank you'. Thank you for this blessing, Babe.' These days when I say 'Good morning' and Krystal reply I have to remind her that is the baby I'm talking to because they need to know my voice. Honestly, it has been five months and I still don't finish reacting yet," shared Davis.

While Tomlinson is hoping for a boy, Davis is predicting a girl.


Changing her routine


Big on fitness, the first-time mom has switched up workout routine, mixing the gym for mild workouts and long walks. She has also adjusted her diet, adding greener foods and more water and fibre, and has developed what she calls a super power to "eat everything in sight".

"It is a daily struggle to remind myself that the extra plate of food cannot be consumed by my baby so I am doing him/her no favours."

Preparations for the new baby are on in earnest. Tomlinson is turning to her family, friends and another source, Google.

"I am all over Google! If I sneeze particularly loud I will google 'loud sneezing during pregnancy'".

However, there are a few things she'd like to settle before the birth.

"The big focus now is our home. Moses is leading that part. He is finishing up the construction and remodelling so we can move in and settle before I give birth."

When asked about the kind of mother she wants to be. Tomlinson's response was simple.


She adds: "My biggest maternal crime would be to allow life to distract me from the needs and desires of my child. I want to be aware and involved throughout."