Tue | Dec 18, 2018

The ins and outs of summer romance

Published:Monday | July 16, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Some say summer is the perfect time for a steamy romance. And who could blame them? It is the hottest season of the year so the heat is on, in, around, between and beyond the sheets. In honouring the sultry occasion, we have decided to shed some sunlight on the ins and outs with the conception, inception, and connections of summer love.


Honesty is the best policy


Be honest and upfront about defining what's transpiring. Some have set boundaries, others throw all inhibitions out the window. What makes it beautiful is that you can make your own rules, too. And customise it to fit you and your partner. It's advised, though, that you both stay on the same page and plot accordingly in your chapter of love. Also, the fact that it is a summer romance doesn't mean it has to be all spice either. You can actually add some sugar to your fix mix as well. After all, it is sugar and spice that make everything nice.


Simplicity is best


You and him or her, visiting here, checking out there and playing naughty everywhere. That's your focus. You can be friends: it makes the romance even greater, but try not to complicate things, too quickly by speaking of long-term relationship endeavours. Not when you have already established what you both have signed up for - refer to point number one. People have the tendency to complicate relationships once then dive in too deep. Nobody wants a clinger either. Pull it back and return to the surface for oxygen. Don't fall into the abyss of your feeling: breaststroke your way back to safety, splish and splash in shallow waters and enjoy the waves crashing against the shore.


Be as open as possible


Oh, let's have some fun with this one! You can literally be as open as possible, it is hot so why would you want to close doors? Let in the breeze, enjoy the swaying of the palm trees and relax in the luxurious comfort of your lover. Being open not only concerns the body, but the mind and the heart, too. Seek and you shall find, but you can let a potential significant other come to you. Until then, go out, spend quality time with your friends and enjoy the weather and festivities - you never know. Additionally, once you spark a love interest during the time, be open to new and exciting adventures together. Explore this amazing person and see what they have to offer. Blow their mind with your expertise, too.


Stay low-key with the location


One of the reasons summer romances do so well on the international scene is because of the mystery, attraction, and temptation associated within the great unknown. It all becomes an exotic excursion filled with love and affection. But there's nothing wrong with keeping your heart closer to home. In fact, you have a better chance of turning your summer romance into an all-season-long happily ever after because you had the means of proximity to talk about the big things without the pressures of being overbearing.

P.S.: Avoid constant and consistent sleepovers. Remain as casual as you possibly can and switch to an all-night rendezvous from time to time.


Live in the moment


There is no time like the present, so make the most of it. Summer romances should be thrilling, refreshing, intoxicating even - drink responsibly. Ditch the road of commitment and travel on the shortcut to the land of the carefree. Bring on romantic walks on the beach, a rosy outdoor picnic, a cold ice cream date, a night out for drinks, or an erotic weekend for two in the midst of all this heat. Dare to bare for as long as you both want to be - you won't be sorry.