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Glow Up with Ayrtons Distributors Limited

Published:Monday | July 23, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Ayrtons Distributors Limited has made it their aim to keep your skin looking lush and replenished with their luxurious Coco Body Oils, Coco Glow, and Coco Shay body butters.

The once-pharmaceutical company that has now bloomed and delved into skincare decided to tap into the body butter and oil niche after their partnership with Bacchanal Jamaica in 2017. When it comes to carnival, everyone wants to wear radiant skin as their best accessory, so Ayrtons provided Pure Raw Cocoa Butter.

"Jumpers loved it but admitted that it was a bit too hard. So I thought to myself, how could we produce something that is as healthy for your skin but with an easier-to-use texture," Etmour Williams, marketing and sales manager of Ayrtons Distributors Limited, told Flair.

It was not hard for Ayrtons to come together with most of the raw material as they are known for their high-quality essential and carrier oils. So they went to the drawing board for their body butter but they found that the mixture with just the essential oils and cocoa butter melted in the Jamaican heat and could not stand up to our climate. So they made their necessary adjustments.

"I will still classify our products as natural because it is made with natural butters and oils with a few preservatives just to make it able to withstand the heat," he explained. The product now carries a smooth texture that butter lovers can enjoy and appreciate with the right nourishment for the skin. The butters come in five fragrances, Kandy Kisses - Strawberry, Dark Temptation - Chocolate Vanilla, Sweet Seduction - Mango Kiwi, Island Paradise - Coconut Kiwi, and Tropical Bliss which is Coconut Pineapple.

As it pertains to the Coco Body Oils, it was important that the oils absorbed into the skin and give a moisturised look rather than a greasy look with oils that just sits on the skin. Since many of the oils used to create this has natural SPF you will have some protection from the sun. The oil fragrances mirror that of the butters with the exception of Island Paradise.

Ayrtons thus far is proud of their new product and looks forward to customers enjoy healthy skincare.

What's Next for Ayrtons?

Being the multi-faceted distribution company that it is, they have a deet-free natural mosquito repellant that they are introducing shortly called 'go-weh'.

While castor oil is among the carrier oils that they already distribute along with wheat germ oil and sweet almond oil just to name a few they are answering the requests of their customers and is also bringing castor oil infused with essential oils, for example, castor oil and rosemary oil. They are aware that not everyone likes the scent of castor oil and they wish not to just add a fragrance, they wanted to make an effective addition - essential oils. This brings its healing benefits as well as sweet fragrance to the Jamaican favourite.

As it pertains to skincare they are working on a few serums for face and body that they still working on to ensure the best quality for their customers.

Products are available in pharmacies across the island.