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Find It in the Crystal Box

Published:Friday | July 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM

Matthew Delfosse is an autodidact jewellery designer who travels hundreds of miles across the globe, unearthing beautiful rocks to create gorgeous options.

From the earth to your wrists, fingers, and absolutely the neck, Delfosse indulges himself in several processes transforming mere precious stones into refined, framed, and polished add-ons. Digging mostly along rivers and areas where there is volcanic activity, he explores the earth's surface in search of gems and crystals.

At first, the 22-year-old excavated the valued clumps of minerals for their metaphysical prowess. For instance, jasper, the spirit stone for courage and wisdom, was sold for its strong healing capacity; and tiger's eye for stabilising mood swings, releasing tensions and improving one's confidence. But the profit from this venture was meagre. So, with his adventurous nature coupled with an appreciation for fashion, which eventually started to tingle his fingers, he leaped into this ever-growing arena. It's been three years ago now, and he has gradually grown to better flavour chaps with a desirable and inviting look.

"The most interesting aspect of what I do is the invaluable benefits I get from it. Searching for these rocks and making these products is very therapeutic. Even though, sometimes I'll mine an area for the entire day and won't find anything because it has already been cleaned out; but I enjoy it. It gives me a sense of mystery," Delfosse explained.


Crystal Box


He's branded himself as the authentic and unique 'Crystal Box.' Remarkable bracelets, bold and unique necklaces, and striking rings are baubles you'll have a difficult time choosing from. The natural beauty that is to behold in these ornaments are enough to have you captivated by the awesomeness of nature and style.

Gentlemen, red and dalmation jasper, feldspar, shungite that has small fragments of gold embedded into it, lava rock, and onyx - some of which are from as far as Russia, California, and Mexico, are some of the stunning rocks that will keep all eyes popping out at you.

"I always provide the highest quality, everything is genuine because I want my creations to last and to make my customers happy. This is how I stand out from others. I do not repeat my designs, so men don't have worry about others wearing the same thing they are. Also, I'll make custom designs. I'll even make your wedding bands," the interesting craftsman assured.

To make things better, he asserts that it highly unlikely for you to find naturally formed rocks with similar shapes and definitions.

Delfosse also has a knack for skating on skateboards and has incorporated the wooden panel into his art.

"I also use skateboards as an additional material for my creations. When the boards are broken I recycle the board and make jewellery out of them. Additionally, sometimes I incorporate the crystals and gemstones into the skateboard accessories," he explained.

Propelled by his admiration for his handiworks, Delfosse wants you to enjoy his pieces in a humble state of mind. And ladies don't worry, he has several options for you, too.