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Glo your bearded fro

Published:Monday | July 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Dwayne McKenzie, a customer at Glo Skincare.

Balbo, bandholz, circle, goatee, mutton chops, and stubble, if you're into beards, you'll certainly know what I'm talking about. It's a guy's mane choice and for some, this highly respected facial hair is also a critical rite of passage that leads them into the world of manhood. Growing a beard is one matter and maintaining it is an even bigger concern. So, gentlemen, why not invest in beard oil?

Truth be told, many women adore men with this well kept and tempting manly signature. Its alluring nature will fan the fire, hence Nadine Nembhard, owner of Glo Skincare, and her two chirpy sidekicks, produced a new oil to soothe all types of beards.

"It's made of a combination of six natural oils. We use three carrier oils and the same number of essential oils. All the elements we use are beneficial to the skin, because beard oil is not only about the growing a beard. It's about creating superb skin for growing the hair. Also, depending on your taste, we'll fragrance it for you," Rashida Gopie, the sales and brand manager of cosmetic powerhouse, told Flair.

A subtle seductive look should be your ultimate goal, especially if you're the type of guy who wants to spice up the office with your hot demeanour.

But did you know that Glo Beard Oil is also one of the best remedies to ward off dry, itchy skin, dandruff, patchy beards, and acne? That's not all. Scruffy hairs jutting out of a Van Dyke or any other variant of the manly facial inscription is a thing of the past. The product will leave your beard feeling flake-free, supple, manageable, and soft. There's a booster for your confidence!

"Boys, I recommend that you use it in the morning and at nights to get the best results and always wash your face before applying the oil. This way, you are reducing your chances of getting nasty hair bumps. Also, remember that you have to brush the hair that you want the hair to grow," she advised.

Like every other pursuit, growing a beard takes time, effort and, of course, the right attitude to sustain it. So, don't expect that you'll have flourishing facial hair immediately. In addition, a great beard comes with great responsibility. Constant grooming is the key.

"It can be used on any skin type and also in your hair. The oil will stimulate hair anywhere and it is useful for grooming both the beard and hair on your head," Gopie promised with a charming smile.