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Kelly's World | Think I'll sit this particular challenge out

Published:Monday | July 30, 2018 | 12:00 AM

A few years ago, people started doing the Ice Bucket challenge and I applauded it.

For those who don't quite remember, it was the challenge that had persons pouring a bucket of cold water over their heads (there were other variations), to help raise awareness of the debilitating illness known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or simply ALS.

Despite its efforts to highlight the illness, as with all noble movements, some people started doing it just because everybody else was.

Some had zero clue as to what ALS was, nor did they try to find out. They just knew that if their videos went viral, they would be a little more popular.

Now the Mannequin Challenge was another matter. People would rotate a camera, videoing persons who would (try to) stand still, as if frozen in time.

That, quite frankly, was just foolishness. Tried it once just to satisfy my curiosity. Wasted five minutes of my life.


Harlem Shake


If you shuffle your memory banks a little more, you may also remember the Harlem Shake craze that took over the planet at one point as well.

Groups of persons would just record themselves dancing to a clip of the song aptly named Harlem Shake.

This very media house recorded one. Yours truly made sure that he was away on assignment at the time.

The point is, it seems like there is always some dance move or comedic act that seemingly millions around the world are doing in the name of being popular on social media.

The thing is, unlike the others, at least the Ice Bucket Challenge was worthwhile.

The latest challenge is the In My Feelings or Keke Challenge. This one stems from a song by Drake.

Most of the videos I've seen circulating show people, usually driving, pulling over and getting out of their vehicles to dance to the song.

Particular lyrics asking whether the aforementioned Keke is 'riding', or if she loves you are at the epicentre of this whole charade.

As with all challenges, there are cool ones. But some people always got to take things to the extreme. Some of the videos have further reminded me that some people have waaaay too much time on their hands.

And as usual, that has forced the authorities to step in. Authorities in Malaysia and the UK, for instance, have asked people to stop doing the challenge for fear someone is going to get hurt.

There is one video in particular where, at first glance, it appears a woman is hit by a car after jumping out of hers to do the challenge.

The mystery was quickly cleared up, but you know by now that at some point in the near future, someone will run into the challenge for the first time, see the video and swear on the Bible that the woman was actually hit.

Where will it end? I know there have been others, but they're just too annoying for me to remember.

People, do me a favour. Use the creative talents you obviously have to produce a challenge that actually helps a cause.

Then maybe I might actually join in. Zeen? Later.

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