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Muscular or Toned?

Published:Friday | July 27, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence

It is summer when we show off our best beach bods and women love an eye candy just as much as men do. Men are getting even more into fitness so the muscles are in but can it get too much for women?

So Flair asked a few women what is their ideal desire the toned or the muscular? Here are there responses.

I prefer a muscular man because the body is more appealing and I feel more protected. It's really nice to have a warrior figure as a man. But I will work with the toned man ... whatever the Lord provides.

C.D. 31


Depends on his personality. Strong and confident personality with gentleman-like qualities is so in. Toned is fine, though.

L.L. 30


I love both. I like guys who are bulked up but not over the edge. So when they choose to, they can flex their muscles and I think they are stronger when they have all those big muscles. Then, I guess, it would be a happy medium, more than toned, but not too muscular.

M.W. 25


Just toned. I'm not looking for a bodybuilder - those guys are usually, one, super hype; two, probably into some drugs that got them looking that way. And three, if not on drugs, they're obsessed with working out and healthy eating and I are not about 'dem' life!

T.L. 42


Muscular, preferably. But I don't mind the toned. At the end of the day, men need to look good.

S.M. 32


I don't like too many muscles. I prefer toned.

N.B. 31


Just toned. Bulky is unattractive and makes other parts look smaller.

K.M. 29


Toned. I find that muscular men are a bit too hard, while toned men do have a muscular physique, but they are a bit more comfy, making great cuddle partners. And toned men are more sexually appealing to me.

Y.W. 26