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The 'Cole Silence' Love Story

Published:Monday | August 13, 2018 | 12:54 AMRocheda Bartley
The lucky groom and his groomsmen couldn't resist the urge to show off their style.
In front from left: Latoya Cole Thompson, Karen Whinstanley, and Chaneen Walker. At the back (from left) Ferdinand White, Robert Silence, Andrew Lamb, and Andy Gayle.
The newly-weds, Mr and Mrs Robert Silence, were all smiles after finally saying ‘I do’.
The Bride
The gorgeous female equivalent of the bridal party. From left: Latoya Cole Thompson, Marsha Cole Silence, Karen Whinstanley and Chaneen Walker.
From left maid of honour, Karen Whinstanley, the bride Marsha Cole and bridesmaid Chaneen Walker.

They were two different souls, leading completely separate lives, but sought one thing in common, love. Marsha Cole an accountant and Robert Silence an assistant general manager of a warehouse possess starkly distant personalities; however, a ‘magical’ moment struck when their eyes caught each other.  Since then, the couple vowed to make the union last forever. Even in spite of all adversities.

The two met 17 years ago and have learnt to complement each other. So, tying the knot to officially seal the deal in front of a number of friends and family was always a joy for the pair. “From the get go I could be myself and she was fine with it. We didn't have to pretend with each other, we accept ourselves for what we are and also the persons we could become,” Robert said.

They say they have become an inseparable match that does everything and goes together, thereby diminishing their differences.


 The sun rose on July 21, formally marking the beginning of their nuptial hour. Happiness surrounded the couple as they both eagerly waited to finally say I do. Then merely minutes before their much anticipated occasion, tragedy struck. The most unfathomable surprise for a bride occurred. Marsha's father took his last breath.

Kenneth with his unwavering appreciation for his lady love and relying on the strong reputation of this affection, he didn’t perceive this as a threat. Marsha, on the other hand, who struggled with the lost, received it differently. She started to second guess this big step, which she was about to take.

 “At this point I didn’t know if I could carry through with the wedding. It was rough. I began to question myself if I should really go ahead and do this. Eventually I convinced myself to and looking back, I am glad that I actually did,” the newlywed told Flair.

 Only for these two, a section of the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel was beautifully transformed into wonderland to mimic their dream wedding. With a classic romantic theme boasting the bold colours: navy blue, coral and a touch of gold, it surpassed the Marsha’s expectations and was just right for her partner.

Robert watched her walked down the aisle and was amazed. She was looking gorgeous, he thought to himself. But was also stunned wit mixed emotions as he witnessed what he considers as an extraordinary display of her strength and courage.

“Everything about that day was unique and unforgettable. It is so difficult for me to pick one aspect of it, put it at the top of a list and say it is the most memorable. But if I had to really to choose, I would go with our first dance. Many of our guests did not know that we could dance because they had never seen us dancing,” Robert explained.

 They had been going to Latin Nights for years and had mastered a few salsa and meringue moves. So, they effortlessly created a scene on the dance floor. Relishing every second, they acknowledge this instant as a pleasant surprise for all those in attendance.

As for Marsha, in addition to her being the centre of attraction in an elegant gown, she was dumbfounded by a surprise saxophonist that serenaded the atmosphere with calm and soothing music.