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DIY Jo | A cut update

Published:Monday | August 13, 2018 | 12:00 AMJody-Anne Lawrence


It has been a little over a month since I have cut my hair and now that I am doing everything from scratch there are things that I am learning about my hair daily that I would like to share with aspiring big choppers. I must admit I am enjoying this new hair phase.

Understand Your cut

Now when I decided to cut my hair I knew that I did not want to cut the front and the middle too much. I was scared and truth be told not everyone wears a complete round big chop well and irrespective of your head shape a tapered cut works for most people. What I have come to realise that even if you are growing out your hair you have to clip around the hairline for a clean look.

It is like someone with processed hair getting a pixie cut. You still clip the back a little while growing it out just to have the proper shape. The same goes for natural hair. After a couple weeks the short sections were just round and the top long, so the Eco Styler gel started to be my best friend just to give it a clean look and shape. After a month I just went and got it tapered down around the hairline just so that it was neat.

A round Afro does not need this so much.

Lining up

There is a difference between lining up as a man and a female. Not all female needs a line-up with a haircut but if you are going to do it don't make the edges too sharp. Just have them follow your natural hairline for the unruly strands and a sleek finish. When the hair is long enough to twist (even if it is a short stubble) you no longer need to line up. (Just lay the edges)

Curl Pattern

Have an open mind and treat your hair like it is 'brand new'. What I have found because my hair is a lot easier to manage because it is shorter I am getting a better understanding of my curl pattern and how to manage it. Now I managed my hair well when long and I know what products work but when it came to wash and go it was a hit-ish or a horrible miss. Not that it is short it I have more patience to feel and follow the curl pattern to properly shingle or just get that curl. It is a hit even if I run out of my new favourite product and have to just use Eco Styler. Mind you I might lose the patience when it gets longer but I think that taking your hair in stages gives you a better understanding of your tresses even you think you have it down to a science.