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Kelly's World | The odd thing about being normal

Published:Monday | August 13, 2018 | 12:00 AM

There's a meme I saw years ago that said (to the best of my memory), "Someone just told me I'm normal. I've never been so insulted in my life."

The thing is, even though I know it was meant to be a joke, I do agree with the sentiment. Truth is, something similar happened to me once. I had something on my mind that was rather troubling for me. I needed to tell someone so I confided in a trusted friend who, at the time, was also a co-worker. I swore she would think I was a crazy bastard or, at the very least, a weird one.

So I took a deep breath, puffed out my chest and decided to 'man up'. Halfway through my confession, I noticed that my friend's face was not contorting into an expression of displeasure or any negative connotation. But then, some people give nothing away. When I said my last sentences I waited for the (I assumed) inevitable apocalypse. All now mi a wait. She was not in the least bit perturbed by what I just expressed. And to top it off she said "(What you're thinking) is normal, though".


Relieved but Disappointed


At first, I was relieved. But after that I felt a bit of disappointment. I figure this was for one or maybe two reasons.

The first is that perhaps I felt like I had wasted my time in worrying about something that, at least in the mind of one well-thinking person I know and trusted, wasn't an issue. I got a few extra grey hairs for no reason.

But the other reason for my disappointment was that for a second there, I think I believed I was unique in some way.

I know that in terms of DNA and fingerprints and stuff like that I am unique. But not in the way I was hoping. You see, I think in some way we all want to be even a little different from the rest of the human race.

Whether it's how we dress, the exact way we like our food prepared (and even how we eat it), or little things about how we act, there's always something that sets one person apart from another.

Part of that is simply down to logistics and finances. I drive a 'regular' car because I can't afford something more extravagant.

I get to events earlier than others because I live further away so I have to leave earlier to beat traffic.

But alas, at least when it comes to emotions, likes/dislikes and wants/desires, I'm pretty much like other people.

There is some comfort in that I guess (it means I'm not an extraterrestrial) but I'm not heading to the Guinness Book of World Records anytime soon either.

So I guess I'll just have to find another way to be different because this being a grown-up thing, on a daily basis, just ain't making me different enough.

If I find something that truly sets me apart, then I would have lived up to another popular meme which asks, "why blend in when you were meant to stand out?"

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