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Meet The Miss Universe 2018 Contestants

Published:Monday | August 20, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Tiffany Rattray
Athenia Freckleton
Marie McKenzie
Lanae Gillette
Italee Vinard
Juven Dunn
Laurie-Ann Campbell
Sara-Dee Palmer
Ashly Thomas
Racquel Service
Jodi-Ann Foster
Jessica Jeffrey
Annecia Morgan
Chavelle Williams
Kadejah Anderson
Denesha East
Ayanna Powell
Daniellee Reddie
Emily Maddison
Kayla Smith
Shanique Thompson
Britany McKenzie
Euricka Brown
Bermadine Fraser

Miss Un


Name: Euricka Brown

Age: 25

Vital Statistics: 32-26-32

Occupation: Student at the University of the West Indies

Five Year Goals: To complete my Masters in HR, to start the Euricka Brown Lupus Foundation and establish a Doggy Day Spa because of my love for dogs.

Name: Chavelle Williams

Age: 22

Vital Statistics: 32-23-34

Occupation: Showroom Coordinator

Five Year Goals:

Name: Bermadine Fraser

Age: 24

Vital Statistics: 36-28-39

Occupation: Entertainment Coordinator

Five Year Goals: To complete my Degree in HRM, launch my own company and start my own beauty movement geared towards empowering young women.

Name: Laurie-Ann Campbell

Age: 23

Vital Statistics: 34-26-33


Five Year Goals: Within five years I hope to purchase my first piece of property (land), create a business plan and get a third degree.

Name: Ayanna Powell

Age: 23

Vital Statistics: 32-24-36

Occupation: Student Nurse

Five Year Goals: In two years I will complete my nursing degree, however 5 years will see me being a successful entrepreneur in online fashion merchandizing and real estate.

Name: Sara-Dee Palmer

Age: 23

Vital Statistics: 32-22-33

Occupation: Student at the University of the West Indies

Five Year Goals: To Become a Certified Chartered Accountant, in addition to having charities organized to help individuals interested in completing school.

Name: Ashly Thomas

Age: 23

Vital Statistics: 34-26-38

Occupation: Concierge

Five Year Goals: Travel the world and making a positive impact by enhancing lives

Name: Racquel Service

Age: 25

Vital Statistics: 34-28-33

Occupation: Accountant & Entrepreneur

Five Year Goals: To become a professionally working actress, further launching my cosmetics line, & expand my foundation.

Name: Jodi-Ann Foster

Age: 26

Vital Statistics: 34-26-37

Occupation: Mathematics Teacher

Five Year Goals: In five years I hope to obtain my MBA in Finance and Project Management and have my charity up and running.

Name: Britany McKenzie

Age: 25

Vital Statistics:

Occupation: Student

Five Year Goals: In 5 years I am determined to complete my degree in marketing as well having an established foundation to change the lives of children around the world.

Name: Kayla Smith

Age: 26

Vital Statistics: - -

Occupation: Member Service Officer

Five Year Goals: To complete my Master"s Degree in Accounting

Name: Shanique Thompson

Age: 20

Vital Statistics: 32-26-35.5

Occupation: Accounting Student./

Five Year Goals: To enter university where I can fully immerse herself into the learning system and choose a career path that will bring me happiness and fulfillment in order to produce exceptional work that will hopefully contribute to development of the industry.

Name: Daniellee Reddie

Age: 23

Vital Statistics: 33-27-36

Occupation: Student & Entrepreneur

Name: Kadejah Anderson

Age: 22

Vital Statistics: 34-25-36

Occupation: Social Media Administrator

Five Year Goals: To build a mentorship programme to reach and assist more people

Name: Denesha East

Age: 20

Vital Statistics: 36-26-37

Occupation: Recovery Specialist, Student & Model

Five Year Goals: To be an entrepreneur who empowers young people

Name: Annecia Morgan

Age: 22

Vital Statistics: 32-25-36.5

Occupation: Model & Entrepreneur

Five Year Goals: Travel the world, stay healthy and positive.

Name: Jessica Jeffery

Age: 18

Vital Statistics: 35-30-40

Occupation: Student at Northern Caribbean University

Five Year Goals: