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The root to success with Tyrone Wilson

Published:Monday | August 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Tyrone Wilson, president & CEO of eMedia Interactive Group Limited as well as founder and president of iCreate Institute.
Tyrone presenting at the Make Your Mark Middle Managers Conference
Tyrone Wilson, president & CEO of eMedia Interactive Group and founder and president of iCreate Institute.
Tyrone presenting at the Indiggo Creative Conference
Tyrone Wilson presenting at the Indiggo Creative Conference in 2018.

Tyrone Wilson grew up in the Papine district with his mother, father and younger brother. Making the ultimate sacrifice to ensure he provided for the family didn't deter Wilson's father from playing an integral role in his life. His mother also set the foundation of love and unconditional support until both parents went overseas to pursue financial


A proud graduate of Jamaica College,Tyrone Wilson is the recipient of the Prime Minister's Youth Award for Excellence in Entrepreneurship, Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica's 50 Under 50 Business Leaders Shaping Jamaica's Future, and the Caribbean Journal's Caribbean Entrepreneur of the year in 2012. He is the President and CEO of eMedia Interactive Group, a digital media and advertising business, which is powered by technology, creativity and innovation. And he is also the founder and president of iCreate Institute, a partnership with the University of the Commonwealth Caribbean, which is responsible for delivering course in animation, video production, digital photography, digital marketing, and so much more to enthusiastic scholars. Already, iCreate has trained over 500 individuals. But Wilson's story is so much deeper than this. The root to his success journeys back to the inner-city community of Kintyre in Kingston.




"Growing up in Kintyre was an experience I wouldn't trade for anything. It was the ghetto, but also the place where I gained the necessary habits that would stay with me. I was exposed to everything: the good, the bad and the ugly. I've lost colleagues to crime and violence. I've seen bright minds fall due to lack of guidance, parenting and mentorship. I've seen talented and smart females who had gotten pregnant early and lose out on their future potential, and I've seen males taking up fatherhood willingly when they themselves were still children," Wilson told Flair.

These experiences throughout his lifetime paved the way for even greater things to come. By keeping his eyes on the prize, he discovered that this could not be achieved with all the distractions around him. He was motivated to build and provide a better life, not just for himself, but for his family as well. "Knowing my humble beginnings keeps me grounded and continues to inspire me while I focus on growing my companies. I want to be a role model to people growing up in Kintyre," he added. Wilson was 16 years of age when he left Kintyre because crime intensified.

The key to his success is not only about having ambition, but activating it to reach its maximum potential. According to Wilson, ambition is contagious only if the people around you see that you are serious about achieving the objectives. "If you are someone who only has ambition but haven't done anything to realise your goals, no one will take you seriously. People love to associate themselves with success, and love to play a part in success. Also, if you're someone who is constantly winning (or have a winning record), then people will mobilise around you and do what they can to push you even further. Most importantly, though, the individual who is ambitious should also know how to manage said ambitions. Ambition can be dangerous when not managed properly. It is important to have trusted individuals and are open to listening to their advice."

Standing as a beacon of hope for others, he is a true testament that you should not allow your situation to determine your future. "It is only the beginning, not the end. Having goals that are attainable is important, and putting in simple milestones to keep you moving and encouraged is very important. In the ghetto, our plan was simple: go to school, pay attention in class and compete for the top spot. When you excel at school, that pride is enough to keep you on a high - regardless of where you're going home to. Everyone will look up to you in school and in the community. In applying this, I was able to graduate top of my class both from fifth form and sixth form, the rest was easy," said Wilson.

His passion for helping young people led him to establish iCreate, an innovative initiative geared towards the training and development of future creatives to be job-ready for the burgeoning employment and entrepreneurial opportunities within this industry. The institution now has locations in both Kingston and Montego Bay

Wilson's entrepreneurship skills and innovation have enabled strategic growth, and it is his vision to develop the creative economy and make Jamaica the creative capital of the Caribbean.