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Slap and scrape the pain away with Haolin Chin

Published:Monday | August 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Massge therapist Haolin Chin performed the slappiing therapy to soothe Michael Lue's back pain.
Reiki, the energy massage for relieving pain.
The first step for administering the reiki massage technique is to find the problem area.

Slapping is a great technique that relaxes your muscles. Don't take my word for it. Massage therapist Haolin Chin has mastered the art of Asian slapping, reiki, and scrape to therapeutically relieve your aches and discomfort.

Without pain, there can be no pleasure. And if you think about it, pain is a crucial element in life. It's an indicator that tells us that something is wrong, like maybe we've pulled a muscle or two. A massage, especially one with healing capacities, can become excellent medicine. For Chin, he has not only mastered the three massage techniques, but combines them to create hybrids for more effective and soothing results.

The 24-year-old Chinese native has been using his hands for half his lifetime to help others, namely athletes, to release tensions from various areas of their anatomies. "I'm always trying to improve myself by taking lessons whenever I visit China, and even here. Normally, therapists would practise the techniques exactly as they are taught by their instructors, but that's not me. I don't follow the traditional method of either tactics because I want to be different and better," Chin told Flair. One distinguishing feature of the young therapist is his use of alcohol, white rum to be exact, to complete the process.

Without a base, he's an itinerant therapist who travels in and around the Kingston and St Andrew area to answer to those who request his service.




In a normal occasion, one would never consider slapping as a form of massage, much less to be used in a healing fashion. But in demonstrating his prowess of the craft, he showed Flair the strengths of the ancient Chinese method, while noting its popularity across his homeland. He asserts that one can benefit in several ways from this. "At the beginning of a session, I have to search for the troubled areas. This way I'll know exactly where to penetrate as I work," he said. Slapping the ailing area repeatedly and at different tempos is the concept behind this strategy.




Some call it palm or hands-on healing and it's considered as a form of energy therapy. "Reiki can treat many conditions, including emotional disorders, and also helps to reduce pain. But unlike slapping where the direct area will become more relaxed, it's not as effective," Chin explained.




Gua sha, please! That should be your request for the scrape massage. In this technique, Chin scrapes your skin with short or long strokes. His aim is to stimulate a microcirculation of the soft tissues that leads to an increase in blood flow. "This one tackles chronic situations like joint pains and arthritis. And it usually require two sessions of this massage or the others to get rid of the pain that you might be feeling," he said.