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Spokes Apparel, Heineken to dress 'Man of The World'

Published:Monday | August 27, 2018 | 12:00 AM
Heineken Bow Tie Shoot at Spokes Apparel
Heineken Bow Tie Shoot at Spokes Apparel
Heineken Bow Tie Shoot at Spokes Apparel
Heineken Bow Tie Shoot at Spokes Apparel
Heineken Bow Tie Shoot at Spokes Apparel
Heineken Bow Tie Shoot at Spokes Apparel

Local designer and cutting-edge male stylist, Dexter Huxtable, has teamed up with premium beer brand Heineken to celebrate International Bow Tie Day on August 28 in a style befitting the brand's Man of the World persona.

On a day when the fashion-forward around the world will celebrate the elegant accessory popularly worn by men at formal occasions, Huxtabl says a true Man of the World doesn't need a black-tie event to stand out. Start with confidence, he says.

"When it comes to style tips, the first thing I tell persons is that no matter what, you must wear the clothes, never let the clothes wear you," said Huxtable, designer and owner of Spokes Apparel.

"Second, I advise people that there is not one particular look when it comes to style and being stylish, style is all about expressing your individuality, being confident while you do it."

With International Bow Tie Day approaching, men and women alike can take the opportunity to show off their unique style in confidence. The premium beer brand Heineken has used this fun style holiday as a platform to celebrate beer drinkers who like the finer things in life and enjoy dressing up no matter what their day looks like.




Huxtable, who is dapper for every occasion, emphasised the importance of knowing what to wear and how to wear it.

"Dress for the occasion," he says. "A day in the office most certainly shouldn't look like a wedding day, but there is no reason to not look your very best."

Huxtable shares how you can add style to any outfit for any occasion. He further asserts, "Ensure that your clothing is a perfect or almost perfect fit. Having a tailored look gives a cleaner, crisper appearance. It will also be easier for you to look and feel confident when you are comfortable in what you wear."

The designer stridently added, "be colourful and bold in your attire. Include colour palettes in your wardrobes - a green that compliments a black, a white that goes perfectly with red. This will add depth and personality to your outfit."

Image is very important in today's world. Your image should be representative of who you are and how you want to be perceived. Your style can say a lot about you, whether you are confident, creative, or earthy. So why not allow it to speak for you? The Spokes Apparel owner, stressed the importance of allowing your style to be an extension of yourself. If you are thinking about revamping your style or just joining in the fun of International Bow-Tie Day, check out the great style options at the store located at 20 West Kings House Road, Kingston 10.