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Kelly's World | My way or the highway (almost literally)

Published:Monday | September 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM

People wonder why I have so much grey hair. There is a particular stretch of road with two lanes between the stoplight at Arthur Wint Drive and the intersection of Caledonia Road further down (near Up Park Camp).

Now, the people in the left lane have the option of branching into the filter lane for those going past the camp and on to Camp Road.

The people in the right lane can do the same obviously, but it's just that they have to cross the left lane to get over to the filter lane.

So the 'sensible thing' to do is to put yourself in the left lane from the beginning, right?

Ahm, apparently not. Because I am almost daily annoyed by persons putting on their indicators trying to come over to my left lane and then heading over to the filter lane.

I ask the question every day. Why unnu nuh just put unnu self inna di blooming left lane from mawning?

Surely, that's easier than just trying to outrun the vehicles on your left so you can cut over in front of them before you get too far down.

Or how about people who have the pipe running while they are brushing their teeth?

Note they aren't using the water to wash off the toothbrush because the aforementioned brush is in their mouths.


Makes zero sense


So the water, essentially, is being wasted. That makes zero sense to me. But you'd be surprised at the number of people who do it.

Both of these acts, the driving one more than the other, annoy the hell out of me.

To be fair, the list of things that annoy the hell out of me is quite a lengthy one. I wouldn't have enough column space to write them all.

The point, however, is that just the same way I have my way of doing things, every other human being will have theirs.

In the case of these drivers and those teeth brushers, their way doesn't make any sense to me. But that's just me.

I suppose the drivers will argue that the left lane line of traffic may be a little longer if people are turning up Arthur Wint Drive or into either the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Library or Little Theatre.

Fair enough, I guess. Except, how much time will that really add to your journey? As for the water, well, I still don't get that one.

Whatever their reason, and here's the key point, they don't have to have a 'reason' at all, some people will just do it that way. That's their right and (I suppose) that should be respected.

I figure I probably just have a bit of a God complex that my way (in these two scenarios) is the 'right' way.

Problem with that is, you might start to think that way about every aspect of your life. And that's just not healthy.

So it go, I guess. However, if you ever see me chugging along in my lane, try wait til me pass. Cause me nah let you een!


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