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Posh and polished

Published:Monday | September 3, 2018 | 12:00 AM

As much as we try to plan for the future and envision the steps we need to take in order to achieve our goals, most will agree that life is not that simple. You have to be prepared for a number of hiccups and hurdles that will be encountered along the path to success.

Sasha-Gaye Green, owner of Polished Skin and Body Studio, and Posh Diva Collections, embodies the mantra, 'Failure is not an option', as she projects her lifelong dreams into the universe and works diligently to create her empire, hone her craft, and build a long-standing legacy.

The management studies graduate from the University of the West Indies, knew that her calling was in the world of business at a very young age. However, in her second year of university, Green was given the test of using her natural business skillsto become a young entrepreneur in order to survive.

"These were very hard times for me and I had to find the money to be able to sustain myself, on my own," said Green. Her vibrant personality and savvy business skills, gave Green the ability to sell anything she could get her hands on.

"I started out with handbags and fashion jewellery that I would deliver to persons who were interested in buying," explained Green.

She admits that the struggle she experienced during that time, not knowing where her next meal would come from was the foundation for her drive.

"Whatever you put in your mind to do, you can achieve. During this time I learned the importance of independence and money management," said Green.

The 28-year-old businesswoman and recent mother, opened her first store, Posh Diva Collections, in 2014 at 23 Center Point Plaza in Montego Bay.

"Initially, it was difficult, because there is a lot of competition out there," explained Green. This propelled her to focus more on establishing a niche market which was perfect for the tourist capital.

"I mostly focus on party, everyday wear and casual attire for persons who want to go out and enjoy a night in the town," said Green.

For Green, having a strong social media presence was crucial to the longevity of Posh Diva Collections.

"I have tried traditional marketing strategies but those were not as effective in reaching my target audience. Social media allowed me to reach a lot more people," she said.

Polished Skin and Body Studio, located within the same plaza was a lifelong dream which came true for Green.

"I was always interested in beauty and how to make people look and feel better," said Green. The Body studio focuses more on long-term results with a hint of relaxation.

"Polished is a MediSpa. Our services focus on enhancing how persons look," she said. Their services include, teeth whitening, slimming treatments for a belly, back, arms, legs and neck, facials, vaginal steams, massages and waxing.

"This store has been open for a year and I did not turn a profit until I started to put in the work and market my products," explained Green. "I am the type of persons that hate failure. Whatever I start, I must complete."

Constantly pushing herself and find ways to improve her skills has mad Green the Jill of all beauty trades. However, life as a new mom has really tested her perseverance and even her energy. "I am a full-time mom and a full-time businesswoman. It is so difficult and finding balance with a nine-month-old is next to impossible," she said while laughing about her non-existent social life.

Green is currently working on further certifications which will increase the number and type of services that will be offered in Polished.

"My advice to anyone who is interested in starting a business, is to start small and do something you are passionate about," said Green.

For more information on Polished Skin and Body Studio, visit Facebook @STUDIOPSBSPA. To view Posh Diva clothing collection, visit Instagram @poshdivacollection